Isa Rune Stone Meaning

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Isa Rune Stone MeaningIsa Rune Stone Meaning

Connections with the alder tree and the herb henbane. Isa deals in a standstill of time and activity, this does not mean stagnation though. Isa brings forth time for healing and spiritual absorption. Isa appears when a consciousness shift has taken place, an awakening as such.

It’s a sign of knowing your self just that much better, making wiser decisions. There is delay present but a needed one, a time to regather strength to come back at a later date. Stronger and able to cope with success.



 Phonetic: I – Ice
God: Verdandi, Skadi
Keywords: Patience
Symbolic Meaning: Lack of change
Element: Water frozen
Health: Numbness
Polarity: Feminine

Magical Uses Of Isa Rune

Isa is useful in meditation to make the right decisions to find the most rewarding path. Concentrate on the glyph as you would a flame meditation, allow the rune to speak to you. © psychic medium Ian ScottNature’s Oracle Cards