January Monthly Horoscope

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Astrological influences Energy Shifts January 

The first part of the month will be dynamic, optimistic and constructive. (Grand Fire Trine between Uranus, Saturn and Jupiter.) After that Mars enters Pisces and conjuncts Neptune/square Saturn asking us to proceed with caution. Try not to initiate anything very grand during this time as actions can be blocked, troubled or diverted.

January monthly horoscope

A time when we go over what has already been done to fine tune things, during this period it is not advised to sign documents or start anything new. At the end of January Venus conjuncts Neptune and squares Saturn, a configuration which can have an effect, at a global level, harmony, good relationships, cooperation, alliances and even peace. Here’s hoping.

January Monthly Horoscope

Aries monthly horoscope


You have a cheerful month ahead in which you can have a great time with your loved ones. Mercury will bring out the flirt in you so you may even start a new relationship – but nothing serious mind you. Good luck will be on your side, more visibly in the first half of January and more discreetly in the second half. Your energy will drop during the second half of the month and health issues could arise if you don’t take care of yourself.

Taurus Monthly Horoscope


You’ll expect a lot from your partner this month. You’ll be drawn to people with a good position or reputation, and your romantic life will tend to mix with your social or professional one. It’s possible that your partner accomplishes something important or supports you in reaching success. Avoid ambiguous, deceitful or immoral situations. Taurus’ career will be very well supported in the first part of January, along with opportunities for success in the second part.

Gemini monthly horoscopes


If you’re single and a new relationship begins now, it will probably last a while. You’ll be motivated for success and have the strength, tenacity and even the necessary opportunities to reach it. Mercury in your house of higher education, culture, trips and distances, enhances the importance of these concepts.On a financial level, moderation and prudence will be required. In the second part of the month there might be health problems so you’d better take care of yourself.

Cancer monthly horoscopes


Relationships will be a touchy issue this month, in spite of any efforts you make in this area. Work, obligations and financial implications will tend to put pressure on the relationship and they will end up causing you a feeling of dissatisfaction. On the other hand, maybe you worry and split hairs too much. Cancer’s house of finance will be intensely energized by the transits of Jupiter, Mars, Venus, Mercury and of the Sun. Therefore, it is very possible that there will appear a special interest in finding new sources of income or even a win of some kind. Think your actions through and keep your records in order and up to date because, on account of Mercury’s retrograde movement, things could go crazy in the second half of the month. Make any overdue payment and balance your books.

Leo monthly horoscope


This month will be a passionate, warm month where you will want to share your feelings and thoughts with others. Communication will bring things together and pull them apart, but it can also play tricks on you. Be careful what and how much you say and what you write in e-mails, text messages, etc.! These days they can be used as evidence in a court of law. Use caution with money issues as there is a risk of confusion, delays and damage. Health issues could be quite high this month so watch your diet and the risk of infection.

Virgo monthly horoscope


Life could get a little weird this month. The line between your work and private lives will be blurred. Maybe you’ll work on something with your partner, or maybe you’ll have an affair at the workplace. Some older work project might also come back for your attention, but Venus – one of your ruling planets – will be in your house of work – so you will probably enjoy it. Watch your health Virgo. You could be at risk of accidents.

Libra monthly horoscope


Venus, Mars and Mercury team up for a steamy, mischievous month for Librans. It’ll be a time of flirting, of seduction and a little erotic creativity, but hey, they are all second nature to you aren’t they. Singles can be on the look-out for a new lover. No matter what you start building you will find the resources at your disposal and circumstances will fall into line. Success is assured in both areas of love and work. You need to be avoid catching infections and/or food poisoning. Cultivate discipline and moderation! In this period they will be your best allies.

Scorpio monthly horoscope


You’ll feel the need for privacy and safety this month. You might become nostalgic or remorseful about a past lover during the first couple of weeks of this month, but Mars will enter Scorpio’s house of love in the second half and your sexuality and romantic life will pick up again. Receive love with open arms, but also keep your eyes wide open for what’s really going on! In general, you’ll have good chances to succeed in whatever you do. January will favour intellectual work, communication, trips and meetings. You’ll be resourceful and you’ll have initiative, and you’ll want to get involved. You might work on something at home or explore real estate, renovations or repairs. You’ll have a lot of energy, which will need to be used constantly and in an ordered/disciplined way. If health problems appear, don’t ignore them and don’t put them off! Listen to your partner.

Saggitarius monthly horoscope


As the ruler of Sagittarius’ house of couples will be around Venus almost the whole month, there will be a lot of affection and sensuality. Be prepared for some mix-ups in the second part of the month! Intellectual activities, travel and commerce will be at the forefront. You might be forced to reconsider some actions or decisions, to cope with some blocks or delays. Take it easy and be methodical.

Capricorn monthly horoscope


Capricorn’s vision will become more practical, relationships will be filtered by efficiency and profitability. The person by your side has to offer you security – not only emotionally, but also materially. Communication, travel, knowledge and money will be your focus. Your aptitudes for leadership and organization will stimulate your desire to stand out and bask in the limelight. There will be extra income, but you’d better take care, because there might also be increased expenses, delays in payments or other mix-ups. Don’t jump to conclusions and be careful what you say, write or sign!

Aquarius monthly horoscope


Lucky Jupiter shines on you this month. Relationships are favoured. Venus will lend you a loving mood, will make you sexier, more sensual – in brief, irresistible. Collaborations and team projects of creativity and imagination are favoured. Prudence, reason and morality are recommended in financial dealings, otherwise, there will be a risk of loss. You’ll have a lot of energy, but you’ll also be quite restless and you’ll have a tendency to rush things. Exercise patience. You may decide to finish some study you started some time ago. Be careful on the road!

Pisces monthly horoscopes


In January Pisces‘ relationships seem to go through a rather difficult phase, or maybe your partner will. There might also be other family problems affecting both of you. Anyway, it will not be a time of flirts or fun for you this month. Best to put your energy into work or professionalism. Group activities or organizations could bring you fame. Mars will enter Pisces on January 12th, bringing along a wave of dynamism and initiative, of ambition and competitiveness. Financial interests will motivate you and urge you to action. You need to keep the balance. Relax, read, listen to music and, more than anything, create. © Jyoti Eagles


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