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July Full Moon Meaning 2017

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The full moon meaning this Sunday the 9th of July 2017 is at 17º in the zodiac sign of Capricorn. Moon conjunct Pluto, Mars opposite Pluto. This month’s full moon packs a punch, by now you should all be feeling the intensity and hyperreactivity of the energy of the full moon.

Full Moon July Spiritual Meaning

With tensions around the world on high alert, this month’s full moon will fuel the fires of the angry and negative. Be aware, be cautious this full moon the horrific energy stays with us until the new moon later in the month. As we pass through this portal of cosmic energy the non-mindful will fall victim to the aggressive energy produced late Sunday night.

Unusually the dramatic energy from the full moon this July spreads the globe rising tensions between all opposing peoples. Expect turmoil in all ways possible be aware the energy may shift quickly into decline. On the home front, take care of your loved ones who suffer from mental illness as the tensions become a trigger.

Spiritually speaking we can all achieve leaps and bounds in our growth by counteracting this harsh energy with well thought out strategies to combat the intense feelings. Make it easy to find forgiveness for those around you quickly. Now more than ever concentrating on our peace of mind will release us from the negativity felt over this time. If we are not conscious of our auric energies and state of mind we will fall victim to the negative intensity mustered by outside energies entering out planets atmosphere. Proceed with caution stay safe. © by psychic medium Ian Scott.


  1. Anne Beaumond says:

    Yep, that negative energy was upon me before I knew of the dangers of the moment, and as I perceived a particular situation and spoke above it, a deep friendship exploded and destructed, as the other party was subject to the same negative influences. Consequences!! Ouch. I’ve since pulled back into safe zone and planned out the rest of this moon cycle to avoid danger. Thank you for this info. Wish we could make it heard by North Korea, Trump and the UK!