June Monthly Horoscope

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June monthly horoscope


June Monthly Horoscope

Venus and Jupiter are conjunct this month bringing us a great sense of accomplishment and joy. Love is in the air for most of us so lap it up to my fellow star seeds. Lots of touches and much wanted to nurture is afoot. Jupiter is also trine Uranus, an aspect that generates innovation and progress. Mercury resumes its direct motion on the 12th of June reducing the risk of misunderstandings and conflict or accidents when travelling.

July monthly horoscope influences computers should be back in action along with our intellect. However, Saturn, now retrograde, returns to Scorpio, where it will stay until September. It’s likely that most of us will have to revisit an older, unresolved issue… Finally, Venus’ retrograde cycle has to be noted, which will unfold in Virgo and Leo. From now until spring, Venus will emphasize relationships.

Aries Star Sign

Aries monthly horoscope

Love is definitely in the air for the Ram with Venus conjunct Jupiter in your house of eroticism and pleasure. Enjoy Aries. It’s been a while. Luck is also on your side professionally. These two planets bring out the best in you and help you to show your creative talents in a big way. They form a trine with Uranus, which is still in Aries – so now is the time to set your plans in motion for bold initiatives. An optimistic, cheerful month for you, full of energy and sexual prowess. Just be a little careful with your finances. Think before you spend.

Taurus Star Sign

Taurus Monthly Horoscope

You are wanting a little peace and quiet this month and to focus on home, family and close friends. It is a favourable time to find new solutions or solve older conundrums. You will be feeling cheerful and confident but watch out for excesses and keep your exercise regime up. Watch your spending. Ask yourself if you really need that new suit or dress?

Gemini Star Sign

Gemini monthly horoscopes

Mars is in Gemini which could make you provocative and lucky at the same time. It will definitely bring you drive, courage and ambition. Adrenaline levels will run high along with your sexual energy. You should be lucky in love. Professionally you will have a successful month as Jupiter is in your house of career, trine Uranus – leading to bold and innovative changes. You will sweet talk your way into any deal you go for, but wait until after the 12th.

With Mercury going direct, you will have a lot more clarity than you did have last month. Money comes as a natural consequence of your achievements. Your batteries are beyond full when it comes to physical activities due to the Sun-Mercury-Mars trio in Gemini. But do try to avoid rushing into things and excesses! Sometimes you’re too impulsive. Try to show some restraint!

Cancer Star Sign

Cancer monthly horoscopes

For Cancerians, professional and financial interests mix with relationship ones. That’s because Venus, the ruler of love, is in Cancer’s house of money for most of June 2015, and Saturn, the ruler of Cancer’s house of relationships, is in Cancer’s house of work until June 15. The influence leads to positive results.

The second half of June, old issues regarding your sexuality, children or love will come back to be re-assessed. Be very careful how you go about things, because Venus will start retrograding on July 25, therefore, later on, you might realize your methods have generated a series of consequences you were not prepared for.

You are coming up with a series of ideas and initiatives, but for now, they’re in the making. You’re not completely out of the woods yet. You have to take care of yourself, keep a close watch on your affections and stay away from indiscretions, excesses and risky situations, especially in the first half of the month. Avoid dealings with shady people!

Leo Star Sign

Leo monthly horoscope

Mercury will turn retrograde in Leo until November 8th influencing Leo and Virgo the most. Love and money will be at the fore, but things could not be quite what they seem. With Saturn retrograde in Scorpio, it seems you will have to deal with some old issues, but luck will be on your side.

Opportunities come your way. Sun, Mars and Mercury in your 11th house bring the right people at the right time. Jupiter in Leo energizes you and gives you optimism. Venus makes you affectionate and cooperative. Go ahead and blossom. Pace yourself and don’t venture into unknown grounds.

Virgo Star Sign

Virgo monthly horoscope

Venus and Jupiter are in your 12th house – the house of secrets, the subconscious, illusion and things hidden. You can expect insights into emotions and relationships, possibly through some kind of complications. When Mercury resumes his forward motion misunderstandings which have come up over the last few weeks will give you some resolution. Success is just around the corner. To avoid risks, however, stay calm, disciplined and cautious and be careful who you get involved with in both love and business.

Libra Star Sign

Libra monthly horoscope

Your love life will have an intellectual, even spiritual preoccupation this month. A social month of meetings, partners and communication. Long distance romances are favoured. You will receive the emotional support from friends and loved ones to help you with your intentions. A favourable time for group projects and organizations. Nervous tension will abate.

Scorpio Star Sign

Scorpio monthly horoscope

Venus is in your 10th house – the house of couples. Important and happy events come your way. Someone will declare their love to you or you may meet a soul mate. Your love life and or marriage will be tied somehow to your career, position, status, reparation. Studies, travel or high social circles might also be involved. You are feeling good and the sky is your limit as opportunities present themselves in both work and love. Careful with your money. It is advisable not to push things however and to take care of yourself. It would be preferable to postpone any financial initiatives for the second part of the month.

Sagittarius Star Sign

Sagittarius monthly horoscope

You are feeling highly charged sexually which could result in some kind of irresistible attraction, if not adventurous or unexpected ones. June is going to be very active from a sentimental and erotic perspective. Try not to be too impulsive or competitive. In the second part of the month, you will finally settle an issue that has been bothering you for some time. Things could seem competitive, so success depends on your patience and tact. You could be feeling agitated and challenged.

Capricorn Star Sign

Capricorn monthly horoscope 

For the June monthly horoscope, Venus and Jupiter in your 8th house pull you into the deeper places of your subconscious. You will be feeling introspective and analytical and have an opportunity to see how your patterns dictate the way you relate. It could be that your loved one contributes to your financial wellbeing. A busy month with lots of energy and work. You may be forced to make quick decisions. Trust yourself. You have the ability to see what is going on behind the scenes and, with a little diplomacy, your work sector could bring you achievement and profit. Time to get those medical check-ups and take care of your health. Learn to delegate.

Aquarius Star Sign

Aquarius monthly horoscope


Venus and Jupiter are in your house of partnerships, bringing happiness, fulfilment, reconciliation, engagement, travel or some beautiful romantic vacation. Aquarius’ house of couple hosts both Benefits, Venus and Jupiter, that promise to bring you happiness, fulfilment, reconciliations, engagements, weddings, travel or beautiful romantic vacations.

Venus, Mars and the Sun promise to bring passion and eroticism, opening new perspectives to you. Your intuition is running high, guiding you to the right place at the right time. Trust it. You can make a lot of money during this interval, but it’s recommended you avoid speculations because they can lead to losses. Do everything your heart desires, but try not to overdo it!

Pisces Star Sign

Pisces monthly horoscopes

This month is a practical one for you. Even your love life will be approached from a practical level. It could bring an office romance for some but all in all the Venus/Jupiter influence doesn’t bring the same zing that will be felt by the rest of the signs. Sorry, Pisces. But it does bring a lot of professional potentials and all you need is a good strategy and ability to take advantage of the favourable work situations as they present themselves.

Pisces you could achieve great financial satisfaction. Success comes when you are using your talents. Monitor your health. Jupiter is in your house of diseases until August so you need to keep an eye on things. Show some restraint with your eating. You may be looking for comfort food. by astrologer © Jyoti Eagles


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