Justin Bieber And The Music Industry

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“By corrupting Justin Bieber,
you manage to corrupt hundreds of thousands”

Justin Bieber before the infiltration.

The Formula

Recruit a talented innocent, use your influence and money to make them famous. Carefully construct a spiritual energy around them and the songs they sing.

When the public has been stimulated and bombarded by the hype, madness and constant media attention. The Angel effect begins, illuminating the public with their personality good will and love.

Ever so slowly, but surely, the music industry machine kicks in, the infiltration begins, bad friends, medication and the temptations of money and power. All placed neatly in front of you.

The Choice

So now you have a choice to make, by this time your songs are being changed and your public persona is gradually weakened. If you do not take the demonized path of evil, power, money and greed. You will be vilified as in Michael Jacksons case.

The symbolism shown here by Miley Cyrus is fascinating.
An old gesture to ward away witches, close the left eye, exert the tongue,
hold the right hand in the form of the horned demon and repeat three times.

If you swing to the dark side loving it, you will be illuminati’s Madonna or Madonna’s replacement Miley Cyrus. Glorifying all things sexually with a grotesque corrupting evil energy.

The Objective

To destroy the light and love that these people bring to the world, replacing it with evil and hate. The illuminati desperately want us all to be this way, full of hate and evil, for just like god they wish to mold us in their image. Making their task of a New World Order easier through sheer fear.

The Outcome

After successfully degrading the angel, the downfall begins, whether it be through vilification or just making them so disgusting they fall from grace. There is an example going on right now illuminati’s Madonna has an apprentice Miley Cyrus, even in the evil world you have to make way for the young.

Madonna takes the form of the horned demon.

Justin Bieber this is your life, and this, you do have in common with Michael Jackson. Return to your core Justin, gather around you only those you know you can trust, that’s the ones that are telling you the truth.

Make music to uplift people’s spirits and to heal them, don’t do it for greed, or you’re sure to make the evil music industry agenda. 

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  1. Catherine Hopps

    Wow, I never realised the music industry was so corrupt and evil. Thanks, I think I need to do some research on what music to keep my kids away from!

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