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Kenaz Rune Stone Meaning

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Kenaz Rune Stone Meaning magic, mystery, positive or negative
influence, and faith. Kenaz helps with and teaches manifestation.

Kenaz Rune Stone MeaningKenaz Rune Stone Meaning

Kenaz rune stone meaning. Connections with the pine tree and the owl totem. Kenaz the rune of mystery, positive or negative influence and faith. Kenaz helps with and teaches manifestation. Reminding us, first is the thought, the idea, next is the creativity and energy gathering, next is the action, the doing, implementing your thoughts and ideas.

Finally, the release the let it go moment, the time when you let your initial thoughts and ideas about an entire project go out into the universe. Keeping a small flame alight and alive for long periods of time requires a balance of time, skill, and perseverance. The rewards are great, though, eternal light.


Phonetic: C
God: Freya, Heimdall
Keywords: Acceptance, Change
Symbolic Meaning: Fire, torch-light
Element: Air as wind
Health: Fever, colds, ulcers, sores
Polarity: Feminine

Magical Uses Of Kenaz Rune

Kenaz carved onto garden stakes which hold our food for growing conjures the energy of longevity and life in motion. Carved into gathering notices, invites and event posters will help build loyal crowds. © psychic medium Ian ScottNature’s Oracle Cards