Let Go With A Spiritual Glow And Grow

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Sometimes staring down into the abyss of your past may feel overwhelming at best, but that’s what we have to do to achieve finally letting go. Otherwise we will be forever haunted by it.

spiritual glow
Spiritual Glow

I have recently come to the realization that it’s not just past events and trials you carry with you but also the internal monologues we build along the way. We use these as defense mechanisms, setting ourselves up for self-sabotage.

Achieving feat’s and fixings of your physical self is a great thing, but will be in vain if this internal monologue is not fixed. This internal chatter needs to be harnessed and used as a positive force. With every heart beat we send out our vibrations to the universe, affecting ourselves and those around us with a rippling effect. A lot of us that work in the service industry particularly. Are  used to masking our true emotions, it becomes a standardized response for everyone. Ways of making everyone believe you are fine because that is what is required of us for employment.

Used solely at work it is not necessarily a bad thing but it’s when it crosses over into off time that it creates highly self-destructive patterns of emotional dishonesty and bottling. I’m not going to lie to you and tell you it’s an easy thing to change. It is truly one of the most challenging tasks you will set yourself.  It’s an everyday decision that you make consciously that the glass will always be half full or half empty. Having your past loom over you so to speak is a state of mind, when we choose to let go of it, we are left with spare internal space. This new internal space will be quickly filled with old destructive habits if you are not careful of what you are saying to yourself.

Keep it positive the only person making this life hard is ourselves. We choose our own path or destiny by the emotional decisions we choose to make. – Ange Marxsen Red heart


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