Why A Letter To America?

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America’s violent past and present

Why A Letter To America?

My dear fellow Americans, proud, strong leaders. America you have always amazed me with fanfare, colour, love and a sense of hope. I am saddened by the violence that engulfs our world. As a strong proud nation, you must learn to love each other, solving your problems with compassion. Helping those who need it, its time to lay down your guns.

Spiritually speaking America is home to some of the most spiritual tribes on the planet, great movements forward are taken by Americans. Somehow the balance is too far to the dark side, violence, hatred and a need to step over one another is destructive. The light of America needs to stand up, stand proud and overcome this unnatural balance.

Think of any movie and the violence portrayed in the movies is paramount. For example, Avatar. I was looking forward to this one until I realized it’s about war and violence. Lord of the Rings sounds spiritual, but more than three-quarters of the movie is fighting, war and violence. The Witch,  the lion and the wardrobe sound like a wonderful children’s story, where did it end, in war and violence. Now the one in your face, Hunger Games, I say nothing. The Force Awakens, what is it about? War and violence. If all we show generation after generation is war and violence than this is the energy we will see. Are we about nothing else? Dear American movie makers, where is the love. Why does every story lead to bloodshed?

The past is in the past, we cannot keep making it a part of the future, if we do, nothing is gained and stagnation of negative energy sets in. The wild west should be left in the past, there are so many other ways that don’t involve violence where solutions provoke peace, not fear.

The violent energy of the planet is indirectly centred around America, it’s up to the Americans to set the example for the rest of the planet. War and violence are primitive animal-like behaviours which have no place in the spiritual evolution taking place.

I understand wholeheartedly the debate allowing guns into the right hands for sporting and survival situations is a good step forward. Violence never solves anything to react with more violence will only create more violence. Walk around loaded with the power of love and compassion for your fellow Americans, love each other. Help not hunt each other. For the love of America. © by psychic medium Ian Scott

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  1. Thank you so much for your feedback this is wonderful to hear. And the prayer has already begun.

  2. You have expressed what many of us here have already said to ourselves and others. The way to peace is NOT through war or violence.. It never has been, it never will be. We live in a world of duality that has a swinging pendulum. Right now, here in the USA, that pendulum has swung about as far as it can in one direction – violence, greed, selfishness. I, and others, do what we can, individually and collectively, to help the pendulum swing back to a place where peace,generosity, love and humanitarianism will predominant. Pray for us. We could use all the help we can get. <3

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