Light Workers Be Aware !

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Cross Over To The Bridge Of Light

For Other Light Workers Who May Be Struggling

Over the last few weeks I have had a rush of fellow light workers feeling the devastation that rests over the earth right now. A special lady with a huge heart wrote to me, I would like to share our conversation with you. In the need for light workers to understand the situation allowing a unity of compassion, love and light.

Light Workers Raise Your Energy


Hi Ian, Yes here I am in Mexico in the midst of it all. Unfortunately I have typhoid so not able to paint for a week. Really feeling a bit down and wondered if you have anything good to cheer me up ? Finding clarity still very hard to come forth. Hope all is well with you. I am struggling a bit …


Hey Valerie, listen it is a very intense time ( please read full moon November ) remember as a light worker we are feeling the weight of earth’s discontent, please raise your light energy to match other light workers and the beings who are helping. This way you’ll overcome the burden of grief and hatred which sits like a fog over the world. You’re sickness is due to this factor, raise you’re energy healing will take place.

It is most important not to be bogged down in the depression of the world, we must focus our energy shifts towards peace and love now more than ever.  Cherish the moments of joy and laughter which come to you, and share it with the world through spiritual energy transference. © Love and Light Ian Scott

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