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Lilith Goddess Poem

Lilith Goddess Poem

Ah ha, my little lady of the East
I’ve come to join you in the feast of savouring the sweet delights
Of glowing golden vessels of the night

Lilith Goddess Poem

Lilith Moon

What sumptuous treat would you enjoy?
What favour can I give you?
What sweet aroma is your joy?
Ahhhh… If only I could live you!

I’d sour the skies with wings and eyes to carry me asunder –
And dance the heavens with the clouds and play with rain and thunder
I’d gladly swing upon the light that’s beaming with abundance
And from my bosom, I would feed my passion with fecund ness

My breasts.
Endowed with mother’s milk are dripping with a pleasure
Of womanhood, well understood by living life of treasure.
With sisters, all united in a gesture and a flourish
Prepared to feed her juices to the one who’s undernourished

A tribe of angels from a group of Eagles of a feather
To gather up, and rally round the changing of the weather
The season’s come for womankind to gather all with wonder,
And journey in, prepare her yin from in the deep down under

The cycling Lilith moon which is your womb will pull you into her rhythm,
And draw you back to fill the lack of love that you’ve been given
That ecstasy you know you are in solitude and mooning
And fantasies of sharing love and intimately swooning.

So be prepared to move along and listen without warning
And then await the break of day in welcoming the morning
And be aware, my little one of illusionary persuasion,
Which takes you out and round about with New Age information
Beneath the pain, you can’t explain the rivers as they surface
Are crystal clear, to start this year of seasons with a purpose

 So … “it’s a choice”, they say to you,
I wonder if they relish in knowing paradoxically .. there is no choice in cherish?
But choose you must to clear the dust from clouding up your vision
Of destined paths that circle round intent upon their mission

But ward them off!
They do not fit the pattern you are wearing
And only serve to jumble up and scramble light and hearing

The sound abounds and twirls around the pillars as they’re standing
To guard the golden realm of love that living life’s commanding
So come on through the underworld of doom and fear and gloom,
And clear a space within this place and sweep it with your broom.
The cobbing webs all hanging round the rafters of your dungeon
Will need to stay to ward away the lies it is expunging

A battle you will fight alone.
For only you can fight it,  to clear the space
Inviting Grace and burning flames ignite it.

O, Man –
You gallantly display your vessels armour!
Why pretend?

And twist and bend our strength within this drama
The spider sits –

She never spits her venom uninvited!
And from her place of velvet lace, she spins until requited
Her lover knows the cons and pros before he dares unite her,
Prepared to die beyond the lie….  To please her and excite her

It is sacred Dear Woman…
They have you chained, imprisoned, maimed and Slaughtered at their quimzy –
And call you filth, destroy your zilth – and sometimes you feel flimsy
Your weakness lies within your love of being much to giving,
To greed and lust for others must not suck you of your living!

And how you long to just relax and concentrate on grieving
The lack of love that has been taxed by giving and receiving
To not defend and let it mend without control or slavery
For they’ll not honour you just yet with medals for your bravery

It is a lonely path you choose when others without honour
Discard the trust, which is a must  – For then you are a gonna!
We can’t remain and go insane – deny our intuition!
Or how can woman grow the seed implanted to fruition?
There is an ancient sacred depth to this divine intention
With its focus at the source and breadth of holy intervention

To cut it loose,  alive and free of burdens that it carries
Allowing Ruth to guard the truth and union that it marries
The bells they ring and echo in and around the caves of Eden,
Astounding sounds of holy grounds where love and joy are breeding’
It’s belly full of life juice and fluent inhibition – of peace this time,

O Holy Queen of heightened intuition
We’ve all been waiting for this time, releasing of the curses
Of crimes of times of blood and mimes and chariots and horses
To lead the way in light of day,  not hidden in the darkness of underworld,
Where you’ve been hurled to feel our own separateness

A Holy Birth!
And it is worth the glories of its labour,
Rejoicing in the perfect yin,  Delicious in its flavour!
So take a breath
Prepare your death rejoicing in the knowing
That life is born from what we mourn and love is ever-growing © Poetry by Jyoti Eagles

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