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Listening, Learning And Loving

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Spiritual Growth The Three L’s

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Spiritual Growth

I will start this story out with the formula for enlightenment and soul satisfaction. For optimal soul growth!

Listening: Learning to listen to your soul by connecting to the highest source for fuelling your daily interactions of living, to attain your “highest and best” while on this earth.

Learning: When listening, truly listening to you lose the attachment to outcomes as this is your ego when there is an attachment. Learning through each adverse event is the gift you asked for prior to coming to this earth and to live in this body. To not learn is a disservice to your soul agreements.

Loving: Continuing to love and forgive even when you endure horrible pain from loved ones, partnerships, and business relationships. To put a wall up, or stop looking for love, or stop loving with immense strength is an act of murder against your own soul and the circle of souls universally as our universe feeds off of love. Each person in this universe is responsible for keeping their heart full of love and forgiveness so the light shines brilliantly and feeds the miracles; thus the miracles of life. Commonly referred to as shining brightly.

I was asked to write this story originally through my mediation from “my highest source” back in May of 1999. I started writing a short story in 1996, but the unwritten novel sits in my storage never finding an ending. The sparks were ignited then but the soul wasn’t strong enough to recognize where I was going to navigating this gift of life. I started to write through my unravelling of life and lost all the files in 2002. It is now June 13, 2015, and I have decided it is time, as all the listening, learning and loving is almost complete and ready to manifest. You ask how do I know? I know.

Listening learning and loving

I have learned and listened and fulfilled most of my soul agreements and now the universe is providing, as the lessons have been learned. Do we ever really stop learning? Of course not and that is why living is so beautiful, adventurous painful, exciting and vivaciously challenging. But not to feel is not to live. Our souls come to this earth to touch, taste, feel, ….. and to shut those feelings down slowly kills your soul. A vibrant, loving high-level soul can manifest anything including health, success and love.

I am going to share my personal story of soul recognition, growth, learning, pain, …..or as we say, the journey of life. It will help you recognise patterns, genetic soul agreements, individual soul agreements, sibling agreements, children agreements, along with most importantly soul “love” agreements and all agreements are soul mate agreements. This term is used loosely in the everyday world, but all souls that come into this world with agreements to help us learn our soul mates, not just the ones we fall in love with as a partner.

My first novel was more of a story of myself and the awakening I had one morning. I think it was my true soul awakening. I had everything, beautiful house, cars, children and husband but I was feeling cold inside, lost…..not knowing… My words hit the paper quickly and without care. I was eager to search the sadness in my heart. I started questioning my love to my husband, I started noticing I was using words and people that I had never met in this lifetime, with slight variations of the childhood and connections that never happened.

But as I look back now from this stage of my life, the person has been met, the choices have been fulfilled or have they? That is what makes this story so interesting. I am writing now saying they will be fulfilled as I now understand. When you truly listen, learn and love without attachment without ego, the abundance comes in and manifests.

What I was seeing was a “knowing” already, but not truly understanding and surrendering. Questioning my knowing, my visions my truths? Being angry with God and the universe for misleading me? Being angry at myself for believing, but angry when it didn’t happen? But what is time? Time is all relevant and time in the universe is parallel and ongoing. What I thought was supposed to happen then, and didn’t will still happen if I complete my 3 L’s?

How can we be angry for not believing when the time has not come yet for it to manifest as the certain events of life had not played out and have not been learned properly. Just because events happened, does not mean we learned properly or handled the soul agreement in the way we were meant too. So you may “listen”, but did you learn? Or you learned but kept pain and lack of love in the situation?

Or you never listen and you keep vibrating in the same situation in different guises, different people to repeat the same cycle with and keep pain in your heart and resentment in your heart. These are people who use the “victim” role and it is an excuse never to achieve because they spend so much time blaming and hurting. Our souls can change that pattern at any time, but they need to remember…….remember the strength of our souls and just tap into it to resurrect their soul to attain the highest soul living on this earth.

Now, why would we ever want to come to this earth to feel such pain at times? Because we were asked to? And we said Yes. There, that is the answer….because you wanted to. You wanted to come to this earthly plane to walk in a body, so you can smell, taste, touch and feel. Otherwise, you could have fulfilled your learning and loving on the other side beautifully.

However, you can understand surely, that to be in these bodies brings immense pleasure when you are in sync and vibrating at the highest level. We will touch on that later how to vibrate at your highest level to attract in the highest vibrations to ease up the negative situations in your life. Look, you are always going to have negative situations, but it is learning to see them differently and using them as tools and gifts. It is learning how to keep your body strong and healthy so your soul can manoeuvre properly and strongly.

Learning how to use your soul much like a captain navigates his ship through the water. Your soul is the captain of the body. Let it navigate the journey of the world in a youthful, optimistic, high energy way. Following that brilliant star….. attracting in abundance in all areas of your life including, health, love and financial. Instead of a negative ego, lacklustre body ageing with pessimism and repeating life lessons over and over again.

Now come with me on my journey of life and see how I learned and manifested……and stalled, then repeated. Then listened, learned and loved and continued this pattern without ego or answers from the universe. When I didn’t look for continuous signs, or acknowledgement or blaming. When I took complete 100% control of my journey with of course the highest source and my spiritual angels to attain the life I have designed and created.

My highest results are when I did not listen ———-to anybody else but myself. That in itself becomes the final lesson when you don’t seek knowledge from the outside to justify your actions. When you are so strong, that you don’t seek approval, vindication or acknowledgement. That you don’t feel defeated when outside forces are not approving your ideas or goals. When you live with zest and no fear. When you are so confident that your choice is right because your soul is vibrating at such an enlightened source, that you hold the key to success.

This my readers, is when you will truly manifest your dreams! Now take your pen, and design your life plan from the highest source. Imagine looking down from a fluffy cloud way high in the sky that you can sit on like an angel looking down…..Looking down at you, looking down at how you can dream big and live that dream. Manifest from the highest level of love and your highest good in mind, connect to the highest source and design your dream life. Now my sweet soul…..dream big and let go. Let go and fly! © Trina Eliassen Intuitive Healer

Author Bio

Trina healerTrina Eliassen originally from the East Coast of the United States, moving to Australia with her 4 children to open a Healing 5-star resort in 2007 in central Victoria known for her energy intuitive healings along with nutritional detox plans to empower the client inside spiritually as well as physically.

Now the owner of an overseas cosmetic surgery for improving the inside as well as rejuvenating the outside with health plans and cosmetic procedures. Presently known as Thai Surgery but now re-branding the company to be known as, © Azurite, the stone of heaven. Empower-Transform-New Beginnings.