Listen Within A Spiritual Poem

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Spiritual poetry

Sensitive to the senses,
aroma changes and the scent sets in
Tingling, as it stings the eyes and disturbs the skin
Perceptions evoked as images promote notions preconceived
Creating new insightful thoughts full of old memories incidentally taught

Learnt over thousands of years
made in habitually spaced milestones
timed just right etched in mind as each new achievements slide on by
Evolving quietly in order of line, ordained progression, stepped procedure

Stones thrown down,
seemingly random underneath always landing purposefully
Through the river of life they’re scattered throughout without a doubt
Causing reaction based ripples, effecting the next step, perplexing in our heads
Because it was forgotten and remade for the soul to teach in each new carnation

Like lessons in school there are grades
with different skills that change the outcomes
Thrills pupils never thought about before,
forced in creativity as freedom is to an escapee
A release with a new sense of relief,
chiefly ingrained into our psyche and felt out in life

Our bodies the steeds
carrying our intoxicated seeds
high in mind but grounded on earth
Flirting with death on the daily unknown
to danger but living right beneath its feet
Riding through with only the guide of the light
we were given within, tethered deep

Our core storing our eternal life,
the essence in all of us, an inbuilt library of stories
Linked to our brain, those sparks now considered
insane and tamed only by chains
Links made in times of weakness and
seen in the eyes of modern man seen as sane

A maze easily untangled
in the clarity of peace sought out
in the dark silence found inside
Keep searching and in time
you will find that what you seek
has always been around. – Wendee Valencia


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