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Listening To Spirit Saved My Life

Listening to spirit. Intuition is sometimes a soft whisper guiding you to the quickest
way home or the advice was given to one in a dream or meditative state.

listening to spirit
Developing Intuition

Intuition vs Sensing

The Driving force of intuition is sometimes a soft whisper guiding you to the quickest way home or the advice was given to one in a dream or meditative state. At other times its a loud, clear and authoritative presence whether it is a warning or giving a direction to remove yourself out of harm’s way. I myself have been helped by my intuition many times.

When I was 21 I was still an inexperienced driver, I had yet to learn respect for the dangers of the road. I just received the news that I was having an unexpected day off had lifted my spirits. As I was halfway to a friend’s house,  I decided to visit them. Changing a CD and turning up the stereo, I wasn’t paying any attention to the road.

Hitting some loose gravel on a corner, my car skidded out of control spinning into the middle of the road. Not knowing what to do, I remember sitting in the driver’s seat frozen, when something spoke to me.

I knew the voice and instinctively trusted it. I was instructed to let go of the wheel and to wait until I was told to apply the brakes gently. As I did, what I was advised to do, eerie calm and warmth descended over me. The car stopped spinning and the wheels straightened out. I was instructed to apply the brakes gently, stopping centimeters before crashing into a steep gutter, that would have surely written me off.

Listening To Spirit

Still shaken I reversed and drove up the road to a suitable stopping point, after a few minutes I had calmed myself enough to look at the general weirdness of the situation, but truthfully it would take a while to sink in. Feeling thankful I continued on my day with that strange occurrence circling in my head. One week later I was watching TV and a car crash show came on, the first accident they showed had a striking resemblance to what had happened to me the previous week.

Although in this situation the driver of that vehicle had panicked, pulling on the wheel and slamming on the brakes flipping his car over onto the opposite side of the highway. I watched silently, breathlessly, taking myself back to that moment in time, seeing how listening to my intuitive senses telling me to let go of the wheel had calmed a potentially severe situation.

From that moment when ever the whispers speak to me I listen.

Although most circumstances after that were not as dramatic. Recently having what a lot of people would call a depressive stage, I had been struggling to find meaning to my everyday life and generally feeling disconnected. I had finally come to the conclusion that the only way I was going to feel connected was to re-connect. So I was off on a mission.

I was off to buy the final piece for my hammock stand, so I could lie out in nature reading a book and observing natural beauty. I was in a hardware store surrounded by countless screws, bolts, nails & hinges. After walking around for what felt like an eternity I had decided to ask for help. Just as the thought to ask for help came through so did the answer, I was told: “3 rows up towards the front.” I was not entirely sure if I was going mad or not, however, I couldn’t help myself I had to investigate.

Standing in front of the shelf 3 rows up from my previous position, I was scanning every shelf. Just as I began to lose hope there it was. Not in its correct place, but one lonely bolt which was the perfect size. Picking it up off the shelf, I immediately felt the beautiful warmth of the universal connection. It seems to me every time I receive a telepathic connection from spirit I also receive the universal unconditional love which goes with it. Learning to listen to your intuition develops ones psychic awareness allowing one to synchronize with the universal life force. – Angel Marxsen

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3 thoughts on “Listening To Spirit Saved My Life”

  1. I try to listen to my intuition. It is right most of the time. I have luckily been able to do that when headed for a car accident. I have never been one to freak out and lose myself when something dangerous happened. I am very lucky to have been able to stay calm. It’s mostly been things like tire blowouts on the highway or sliding in snow and ice but fortunately nothing bad came of it and I was always safe.

  2. We ahould all listen to our intuition more. That ‘gut feeling’ has saved me from alot of drama in the past. It is hard, as our head says one thing and our intuition usually contradicts it.

  3. I experienced a very similar thing. I actually crashed and while I was awake I was “elsewhere” for a few minutes after the crash. Enlightening experience!

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