Live Love And Share Your Truth

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Spiritual Awareness

sharing our truth
Live love and share your truth

Once upon a time there may have been reasons or excuses to not treat yourself properly or except unreasonable treatment from others. That time is not now and lack of knowledge is no longer an acceptable answer.

Sometimes we find ourselves in a moment of truth, an unfortunately rare opportunity in a world so full of lies. Only to find that we are standing there alone, left to speak out truth to the universe. Don’t get me wrong I personally have found my life easier speaking and standing in my truth , however the rest of society doesn’t seem to see it the same way. They are far too content living the lie than working on their own personal development.

Watching the world crumble around us, all the time running around with there hands in the air saying “what could I have done it wasn’t happening to me.” This attitude  in the line above, is one of the biggest attitude problems that general society has to face. We are all responsible every last one of us, we all need to stand in the truth and choose not to live in ignorance. In a world where ignorance is perfectly “normal”, lies the problem.

This world that we have created has always condemned its truth tellers, it spans from our recent history through to our distant past, we have always been judged and persecuted. Our recent history being the truth telling hero’s of our time Julian Assange, Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden.  One of the most fiery and obvious of examples of our known history is Giordano Bruno a French philosopher, astronomer, astrologer born in 1548 who was burned at the stake in 1600 for  saying  crazy notions like the earth is round, we are not the center of nor are we alone in the universe.

We as humans understand so little of our surrounding environment. Always making assumptions instead of observations, this behavior can really only take us so far. Our souls cry out for the truth, they cannot be drowned out or ignored. Despite what they want us to believe we are creatures of the truth and love. Lies and ignorance will only suffice for so long.

So we all need to strive to take better care of ourselves our surroundings our friends, family and special loved ones. Not just in the future but now, every moment. Every small change and thought for others, can make a difference. Creating ripple effects in the fabric of life, spreading love, honesty and truth, giving the universe hope that maybe even the dreadful race of humanity can change for the better.

Even if it is too late, we should all take our place bathed in light radiating love, honesty and compassion, this alone can heal the world.  – Ange Marxsen