Lives of Butterflies A Spiritual Poem

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A butterfly can capture the eye
But to catch the eye of a butterfly requires a spry try
For a brief moment allow its beauty and glory to belong and unfurl in our world
That instant outside of time plucked gently, & held divine

It grips you and keeps you inside the forever that is due..
Flutter by butterfly that can utter no word, mutter no lie
A sense, a gift taken away, swiftly shifted, never missed or dissed in its drift in life
From a caterpillar, a crawler, an insect with no instinct of a killer,

Content to consent to the coming event..
Change is meant even to the extent of metamorphosis,
Intent without a circumvent; with a scent of torment on energy spent
The point being to reinvent, become cement in the ascent to prevent discontent

With beauty comes pain; a Butterfly would duly agree
The work done within its cocoon is worse than just being a worm in the dirt
It’s always had a brain heart and soul
and like all creatures a hidden power beyond its control
If they fail to master the fine art of willing change

For some fatal others become strange, deranged and estranged
One of the worlds biggest physical changes prearranged
Sadly only when its a butterfly does it get recognized
Organized, focused, open from larvae to caterpillar
Refusing to go backwards, cruising through the dew

Till its time (not to snooze) as most view but to choose
To lose any excuse pay its dues and use it all
Through hard work determination and pure intent
It becomes a free spirit with a beauty beyond compare

Set in its simplicity, amusing its complexity,
entrusting its gentle curiosity and when it finds love it loves generously..
You can standby and spy the butterflies flying high
Try and apply their perspective and you too can touch the sky..

Wendee Valencia Red rose


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