Love Currency

love as currency
Love holds it’s value

Love Currency Spiritual Quote

Let’s Imagine love is our new form of currency, there is no longer any physical money as such. Performing acts of love would, in turn, empower you to commit similar acts of love, an exchange of real value. In our meditations ask this very question, “what if love was the only form of currency”. How would we go about applying this concept?.

“what if love was the only form of currency”

Can we all love each other enough to work together, build each other’s homes, grow each other’s food, can we love each other enough to bring this kind of harmony?. Is it even possible?. I think so! love is the glue which keeps the entire universe together, without it, we would only have decay. If we all loved each other, there would be no wars, no poverty.

If we were looking down from outer space at the earth as being a possible safe and friendly place to land, our view could only be. “These earthlings from the beginning of time, do nothing else but fight and hate each other”, “let’s not land there”. We will wait until they grow up. © by psychic medium Ian Scott