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As we travel along our life path and grow from experiences we sometimes get to a point where our perceptions start to change and alter somewhat. I have been myself analyzing things in a different light lately as I become clearer, so do my life patterns and that of those around me.

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With these changing perceptions comes the breakdown of idealism. The release of these ideals brings with it freedom, no longer feeling the pressure to conform.
I personally have used the majority of my life, like most of us searching for love in all the wrong places. Not just that but not really having the tools to understand love. That it is an ever flowing energy, found in everything.
Most importantly found in the self. Beyond ego real love is found.

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If we all spent some of this obsessive energy of finding the perfect mate and turned into an energy of self-discovery, of completing our own male female balance. Love would not only come easier but a greater understanding of its capabilities would be reached.

                                                                            Love is endless

Ange Marxsen


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