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Spiritual Love Poem

I hand the torch over to you
I’m not giving up, but I am exhausted.
From where I stand I still see our light,
but I am exhausted.

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I cannot carry the torch
I’ve tried so hard
I climbed that mountain
I carried the weight

I hold the torch
There comes a time
when loyalty becomes a misfortune.
When never giving up becomes,
an anchor we can no longer carry.

I hand the torch over to you
I’m not giving up
To keep us alive it becomes
your turn to carry the torch.

I’ve done all I can
I’ve prayed till my lips are sore
Shown you unconditional love,
reached out to you, I’ve tried oh so hard.

I’m not giving up, but I hand the torch over to you.
For when I see you coming through that dark tunnel,
with our torch oh so bright, I will know then we can make it to the fire.
The fire that burns between us.

I’m not walking away, nor am I giving up, but I am exhausted.
So, I let go now, hoping you’ll pick up the torch. – © Ian Scott


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