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Soul Mates Love Poem


Soul Mates

I’ve just awoke and my first thoughts are of you,
how did this happen and has it happened to you.

At the end of the day, my last thoughts are of you,
not sure where I’ve gone, somewhere looking for you.

One day I’m fine, getting on with life avoiding strife,
next day I’m confused and lost, because I’m not with you.

When your present, time drifts away, when you have to go, I
start to miss you, even though no time has passed.

How did this happen and has it happened to you,
suddenly my world is all filled with you.

My life has stopped and started all in the one moment,
the moment I met you.

Ticking and flickering I felt then, is now only stronger,
the more I get to know you, the further I fall.

There is a memory of us, buried deep inside of me,
from ages and lives gone past.
A spiritual connection, a soul mate reflection.

I sense your presence from a distance, a ghost
like feeling that you’re here.
A love unbound a rare double fire,
proclaims itself to be found.

When I close my eyes all I see is you,
how did this happen and has it happened to you.
This is no ordinary love,
it started long ago from up above.  © Ian Scott

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