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Full Moon Lunar Eclipse January 2019 Astrology

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lunar eclipse January 2019
Astrological Influences for the full moon lunar eclipse January 21st 2019

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse January 2019 the first lunar eclipse of the year on
the 21st in the sign of Leo. Be Transformed by psychic medium Ian Scott

Lunar Eclipse January 2019 Astrology Meaning

Full moon January 21st AEST Lunar Eclipse Moon Phase. The Sun sits in Aquarius opposite moon in Leo 0°.  The first of a succession of lunar eclipses reaching until the beginning of July 2019. An elliptical array of masculine ego and feminine worship. This full moon lunar eclipse packs a punch with unpredictable energy. Good or bad depending upon, well let’s say, is your Karma slate in balance? In saying that, it is a positive moon even if certain events may tell you otherwise. There is a wisdom in the wait of this full moon, this energy does not leave us until the 29th of January.

Moon Square Uranus January Full Moon

Remembrance: This is what the January full moon astrologically is all about. It started on the 6th of January with the new moon solar eclipse.  Imagine what could happen, imagine the unexpected. And know you won’t be prepared for everything. Lost objects suddenly reappear and friends from the past return. Also, things you swept under the carpet come back to haunt you.

Mercury Square Uranus

A powerful blast of energy affecting the full moon bringing with it confusion and a little mayhem. The brain will seem a little scattered over the full moon as the energy is almost too strong for us. Processing information may prove difficult for a few days. Headaches are also known on a lunar eclipse full moon, drink plenty of fresh pure water.

January Full Moon 2019 Spiritual Meaning

The January full moon 2019 is time for us to go over the past year or two. Reminding ourselves how well we have done, to achieve our goals. Spiritually we are on a full circle cycle, that is to say, what goes around comes around could never be truer right now.

The surprise actions of others leave some of us bewildered as to their intention or purpose. Remember you may only be responsible for your actions and not that of others. Focusing on our gentleness and compassion for others is a form of self-healing. If you can truly love a stranger, you can truly love yourself.

Take a deep breath this full moonlight, fire up a pink candle and say prayers for yourself your loved ones and the local community you live in. The feedback of this full moons night sky will be instant a tremendous amount of healing energy is able to be gathered. By healers, psychics and the like. The combination of these aspects and the full moon itself in a lunar eclipse, portals from other worlds can and will open. Take this opportunity to meditate at this time for clear downloads of interplanetary information. The 444 effects have now begun.

lucky star lunar eclipse
Touch the lucky star with your finger for a few seconds and make a wish. Using the power of the lunar eclipse.


© as channelled by psychic medium Ian Scott – Thrive On News Spiritual Magazine

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