NWO And The Magick Of Good And Evil

New World Order or Order in a New World

New World Order
Following the recent “terrorist” attacks in Paris and Sydney and the resulting increase of surveillance and security around the world, I am prompted to write this article to express how I feel about Big Brothers continuing attacks on our intelligence and their total disregard for human life.

As I have said in previous articles, The New World Order is not a threat of the future, it is already upon us. By now titles such as The Illuminati, Henry Kissinger and his merry men, the Rockerfellows and the Rothschild’s groups, various corporate groups, banking cartels and secret societies who are supposed to be associated with the New World Order are no longer dismissed as just a conspiracy theory. Their theatrics have become blatantly obvious, and things seem to be pretty well in place for one superpower authority to take control of the world; a world in which you and I will not have the freedom to believe and think and do as we wish.

When this idea was conceptualised, however many generations ago it has been, the science of the universe (Magick) was deeply entrenched in societies all around the globe. Magick, as an art, follows specific scientific formulae which give predictable results, the intent of which can be for good or for evil. As it is often said; there is no such thing as black or white magick, only the many shades of grey.

Their first job was to demonize and remove the good guys, as people tend to persecute and fear what they don’t understand. They replaced Paganism with Christianity, after a rather successful synchronised witch hunt resulted in millions of public murders and persecution. Then, with the aid of Hitler, they heartlessly purged the globe of millions of Jews. The Chinese pushed the Tibetan Buddhists out of their territory and now they are painting all Muslims with their terrorist brush and using them as scapegoats for their agenda to introduce a global surveillance system.

The secret societies which they could not destroy or suppress they infiltrated. Societies such as the Freemasons, (sacred geomatrists), The Rosicrucians (Alchemists), the Knights Templar, (A religious military group of medieval knights formed in the 12th century), the Skull and Cross group of Yale University, (said to be the incubator for the CIA), The Bilderberg Group, (a group of highly influential people who meet every year in secrecy), and of course, the Illuminati itself (free thinking humanists and atheists). They used these groups as training centres for candidates (or pawns) for their evil elitist group to play their geographical chess game. All these groups learn and practice the art of ritual and the science behind the magical lores of the Great Architect of the universe. The neophytes of these groups are ignorant to the super-powers’ hidden recruitment agenda unless, after many years of training and scrutiny from the big brother of them all, they display the necessary disposition and ability to be moved around the board. Key people have been placed in key positions to ensure the impending check mate is achieved.

On a political level, nothing is ever as it seems either. The mega billionaires of the financial elite are puppeteering the butting of heads of the Capitalist and Socialist systems to play nation states against each other and then supplying arms to the so called enemy. Their intention is to create a global governmental system where they have complete control and power over the world’s population. It is being done by instigating wars and taking over our banks, infiltrating from within our minds through brain-washing, media, medical and education systems, in a deliberate and gradual dumbing down of mankind.

But, as I said, not everything is ever as it seems. What if the strings of the puppeteers are being pulled by an even higher authority? Some people believe there is an inter-galactic council watching over us and one has to ask why space ship sightings and talk about Aliens are yet another secret kept by the ruling minority. What if all of this charade has been a necessary chapter in the evolution of the Earth and its inhabitants to trigger the inevitable shift in consciousness that is just a part of the cycle? Did we need these guys to accelerate our technological advancement and to ultimately realise that we are love – and not separate?

Chaos is merely order waiting to be deciphered.

On the other hand there are groups emerging such as Green Peace, Thrive Movement, Avaaz, Environmentalists, The Chopra Group and too many others to be mentioned in this article – who are fighting the real war against terror, and as our awareness spreads each day we hear of more and more little victories as we stand up to protect our planet and our rights. And I have absolutely no doubt that there are thousands of secret rituals being performed by highly trained adepts of a higher vibration who work to restore the balance once more. There are many moves yet to be played before we reach a stale mate, all be it under a heavy blanket of control and surveillance.

I’m not one to advocate love and light and ignore the hatred and darkness that is just as real. But I do believe that human beings are basically a soulful species. We have an innate compassionate nature and an intelligence we have not as yet tapped into. Now that it has become so obvious what their game play is, we cannot afford to play to their fear tactics and theatrics. We must refrain from judgements and labelling, because it creates division and resentment, which only leaves us open to further emotional manipulation.

The way to fight back is to work on transforming out inner world so that it can be reflected on the outer level. The universe has a way of re-arranging itself to reflect what is happening within. One of the tools I was taught years ago by a woman called Ly DeAngeles is a thing she calls Mullengro. Mullengro is Expectation, Assumption, Denial, Greed, Guilt, Envy and Desire. She says if you are running any one of these seven agendas, hidden or otherwise, you create Resentment, rejection and blame. It is something I have taken on board as a way to keep myself clear, and it’s interesting how they are all interconnected. If I am feeling resentment, rejection or blame or others are feeling it towards me – I always look within to take personal responsibility for my part; which one of them is running. Try it. It’s a powerful self-growth tool.

This is the Age of Aquarius, which is ruled by Uranus; the planet of freedom, of rebellion, of space travel, technology and the unexpected. Let’s stay aware, get involved, and expect the unexpected. They may yet win the battle, but have not and I believe will not win the war. © Jyoti Eagles

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