Nature’s Magic Is Calling

spiritual earth magic
Spiritual Earth Magic

Metaphysical Magic

When asked what is spiritual magic – my answer is there is nothing that it is not. For everything in existence is mysteriously miraculous, and yet so ordinary. We wonder at the majesty of nature and yet we take it all so much for granted. A seed is planted, a new life begins, it grows, it declines, it dies and from this a new cycle begins.

We are all an integral part of the web that spiritual magic weaves and the key is to recognize and align ourselves with the natural rhythms that surround and abound. Spiritual magic is calling us all, to do the work. To take responsibility for our personal transformation and lift the vibration of this wonderful planet which is our home, for magic demands balance.

We have at our disposal many tools. Astrology is just one. Your personal blueprint is created at the moment of your birth – when your psyche takes a snapshot of the heavens which forms the foundation upon which all else is layered. A knowledge of these influences allows understanding and from understanding comes wisdom.

Magic has re-emerged
Call it creation, god or force
it steers each one of us on course

And like the fool encompassing the all,
rejoice in the surrender of the fall

For beyond the living world we know
the Mystery conducts another show

Awaiting our awareness to perceive realities
we may not yet believe

The Mystery is called the Mystery because that’s precisely what it is. We don’t have to know how or why it is. It just is. But one thing is becoming blatantly obvious and that is that there is a shift occurring at this moment in our evolution and it is asking us to participate. And it’s happening. The gym has become the latest church.

Meditation has become a household practice. Organic food and gardening is fashionable and clean energy is shouting from the rooftops of solar paneled homes around the globe. It’s ok to admit we need therapy and seek it. Couples go to counseling and work with each other on their issues rather than run to the next person to play out the same old habits. © by druid priestess Jyoti Eagles

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2 Responses

  1. Angela Sawyer

    I’m glad the new age movement is gaining popularity, even though there is nothing new about it. Centering ourselves and finding magic again will cause a spiritual growth that will hopefully resonate throughout the world.

  2. Very true!

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