Malaysia Airlines MH370 Prayer Poem

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Every night I leave
the light on  for you
maybe there’s a chance you’ll arrive

Been so long now
the pain does not go away
it’s there every day

In the distance
I see your face
fading ever so slowly
not a chance to say goodbye
Missing you

If I close my eye’s
sit just for a little while
I see your smile
I feel you in my heart
it’s almost like you’re here

Tears falling, I cry
joy becomes pain
deep in my stomach
feels much more than
just a heart ache

I know your out there
the love that connects us,
tells me so, Missing you

In my pain and my loss of you
all my love turns to healing
healing you, loving you, protecting you

From afar my love extends
all the way to where you are
when the door bell rings
it sounds like thunder
I turn in hope of seeing you
only to return to the pain
the stomping rain, missing you

May the love of the worlds people
comfort and heal you
May the magic of truth
reveal the mystery – Ian Scott


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