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March Full Moon Astrology 2018

full moon march meaning

March Full Moon Astrology Australia

The March full moon on the 2nd resides in Virgo 11°. Aspects: Full moon opposite Neptune. Something important could come to an end, a cycle or way of life. Let’s utilize this opportunity and make it a new cycle of peace and spiritual awakening for our global family.

The March full moon trine Saturn symbolizes the cosmic mind, a higher order of thinking. It demands that we find a way to work together for the benefit of all humanity. It encourages us to take a broader vision of our world with added enthusiasm and idealism. Creativity could be at an all-time high. We will be bursting with new ideas and sudden insights. This full moon meaning is taking us from breakdown to breakthrough and promises transformation of consciousness.

March Full Moon Meaning Spiritual

Still vibrating from the gravitational distortion of last month’s total lunar eclipse. A Scattered energy pushes us to prove ourselves right…regardless of the consequences.  It is a perfect climate to bring about some changes, which are desperately needed on the planet, by joining forces beyond the veil and sending peace and love to our brothers and sisters who are suffering at the hands of deluded aggressors.  The power of love is far greater than any power of divide and conquer and whenever more than one is gathered in her name. it is intensely multiplied and magnified.

full moon march meaning

March Full Moon Astrology 31st

The second full moon of the month of March falls on the 31st AEST and resides in the sign of Libra 10°. Aspects: Venus conjunct Uranus. On a personal level, the healing energy of this March full moon will bring up childhood wounds, flashback to an important milestone in our upbringing and long-buried family trauma from our very early years. Which could reveal themselves in dreams. We’re all going to feel sensitive to criticism and want to be treated with kid gloves.  We may hurt each other’s feelings without realizing it.

March Full Moon Spiritual Meaning 31st

As the final Full Moon of March lights up the sky, a pale and elusive gateway opens to the astral realm… where the future interacts with the present. in order for us to release the power of the past.  This subtle but potent spiritual energy offers to heal all that lies dormant and unseen.  So as we say goodbye to March get ready to take a deep breath. And dive into the waters of the collective unconscious where access to the gift of prophecy will be granted to those who are ready, willing and able. To see the new moon meanings see our moon dates 2018> © psychic medium Ian Scott.

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