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March Spiritual Meaning

March spiritual meaning time to take action on our thoughts and inspirations.
A time of advancement and forward movement propelling us into the future.

march spiritual meaning
Spiritual Meaning Of March Desert Rose Photo Ian Scott

Numerology Month Of March

The month of March holds the vibrations of number three. Three is ruled by Mars the god of war, influenced by the element air and resonates to the astrology sign of Gemini. The sound vibration of March has a firm order behind it, a flowing moving effect. Similar to its numerological vibration.

Numerology Power Days March

The power days in the month of March which exude the most fortunate energy for business, travel, marriage, and romance are the 6th, 9th, 12th, 20th. These dates are less likely to hold negative or obstacle making energy during the month of March.

Symbolic Meanings For The Month Of March

In Celtic astrology, the third and fourth moons of Ash and Alder tree rule the month of March. The month of March was actually named after Mars the god of war just like its correlation in numerology. March celebrates the spring equinox Alban Eilir on the 21st/22nd in the northern hemisphere and the southern hemisphere celebrates the autumn equinox called Alban Elfed or Light of the Water in the Druid tradition.

The birthstone for the month of March is Aquamarine/heliotrope (bloodstone) a dark green stone with red spots. Often worn around the necks of warriors in the battle to heal wounds and calm bleeding.

Spiritual Meanings For The Month Of March

The month of March reminds us to take action on our thoughts and inspirations. A time of advancement and forward movement propelling us into the future. Decisions made in the month of March will have fortitude and distance, make sure your decisions are for the highest good of all around you. If accomplished outcomes from decisions develop favorable energy.

The spiritual energy of March can sometimes play havoc with relationships of all kinds, if the friendships or relationships have strong foundations and truth is spoken communication will prevail. Healing all problems on an emotional level, but if things are on shaky ground march could mark the end of some relationships. This usually indicates growth and movement on a spiritual level giving way to better brighter relationships and circumstances. © psychic medium Ian ScottNature’s Oracle Cards

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