Media And The Lost Children

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The lost innocence of our children

When we hear the word innocence, most of us think of criminal behavior, guilty or innocent.  Or the off-handed and clearly misunderstood phrase “the innocence of youth”.

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But how many of you try to actively protect innocence. Sounds like a strange notion right? Our parents protected it, and their parents and so on. So why have we decided innocence is no longer important? We bombard our children with hate and death on a daily basis.  It is in their T.V shows magazines and almost all their cartoons.  We no longer show the classic, harmless Looney tunes or captain planet that I grew up with. We now promote shows such as South Park and American Dad.  These shows have no moral standing, the humor in them is all adult orientated and, quite frankly, some of it is rather disturbing.

We have decided young children are allowed to swear and curse and be outright mean to other people.  The schools are trying to start sex education classes in grade 7 with children as young as 11 and 12.  Parents stand back and allow this because it is easier than teaching them the facts of life themselves and they take the moral standing that children are growing up faster these days. Children are not growing up faster, it still takes exactly the same amount of days to reach the age of ten as it did when I was growing up.  It is the laziness of parents who decide they are too busy ‘living’ to protect their children’s innocence.

We need to start letting children be children again, we need to teach them morals and learn how to say no. No to the MA15+ cartoons, no to using adult language like swearing.  We need to step up and teach our children about more than just sex, we need to teach them about love instead. Love for ourselves and love for others. As a parent it is my duty to ensure my children become outstanding, loving adults. It is my duty to teach them right from wrong, how to treat others and how to let others treat them. It is my responsibility to ensure they know their worth and strengthen them for the future.

And in order to live up to my duties and responsibilities, the ones I signed up for when I decided to pro-create, I need to let my two, outstanding little children, be children, by protecting their innocence. Don’t let your children grow up too fast, childhood is short and they will have the rest of their lives to be adults. – Angela Soya.


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