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Medical Marijuana Oil

The medicinal qualities and benefits of medical Marijuana oil proof of its
amazing effects on the body. Marijuana has always known to be a healer.

Medicinal Marijuana oil benefits
Medicinal Marijuana oil benefits

Medicinal Marijuana Information

Medical Marijuana Oil. Nature’s Health Elixir. One of the most ancient natural medicines known to man, with the oldest discovered written history dating back to China about 6000 years ago.  According to known history, it has been used as a medicine for a lot longer than it has been illegal for.

Medicinal Marijuana extracted from “Cannabis sativa” was outlawed in Australia after the “reefer madness” campaign launched by the government in 1938. However, since 1978 there has been on again & off again legal battles trying to decriminalize Marijuana for medical uses. Countries that have decriminalized medical Cannabis include Israel, Netherlands, Spain, Canada, Switzerland, and more than twenty US states.

In Australia Cannabis is currently a scheduled 9 drug, placing it in the same category as drugs like heroin and other opiates. With over 1000 deaths a year related to opiate substances and none related to cannabis this little plant has surely ended up in the wrong category, similar to getting your hand chopped off, for stealing a loaf of bread.

Medicinal Marijuana Oil Benefits

The medicinal qualities of this wonder plant are used to treat a variety of ailments and some of these illnesses including insomnia, Epilepsy, Dravet (severe epilepsy),  Inflammation,  Anxiety, Depression, Arthritis, Nausea, Chronic pain, Migraines, Cancer, AIDS, Glaucoma, Loss of appetite often also associated with AIDS and Cancer patients, Arthritis, Multiple sclerosis, ADHD and crones disease. Treating chemotherapy side effects such as nausea and vomiting. Just to name a few.

Pioneering in a lost art is Tony Bower owner of Mullaways medicinal marijuana located near Kempsey in NSW, Australia. Extracting his own marijuana oil and putting it through a process that extracts 97 % Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC content (the psychoactive component) making the oil safe to use by anyone. Tony has been sending thousands of bottles to families in need, free of charge. Helping countless people with astounding results. Most cases seeing amazing results on the first day of use.

There is countless heart touching stories on how this tincture produced by Tony has changed so many lives. As the debate heats up, more and more everyday Australians are coming forward and sharing their miraculous tales. Adding to the movement for laws to be changed in Australia.

Tara a little girl suffering, with catastrophic epilepsy, by 2012 the doctors had told the family that they had tried all conventional medicines there was nothing else they could do. After using Mullaways tincture the seizures rapidly reduced and Tara is now seizure-free. Giving her a new lease on life.

Jai aged 9 from Brisbane suffers from severe epilepsy. Parents live in constant fear and have tried all medications. Jai’s parents acquired the tincture but due to threats from authorities have decided not to use the medicine until it’s legalized. Instead of joining the fight to legalize medical marijuana in Australia.


Cooper also suffers, with severe epilepsy, he is suffering from a seizure almost every minute making it impossible for him to see or walk. After his first dose, his parents watched him visually track objects for the first time, he can now smile and laugh. He has been given the opportunity to experience life.

There are countless success stories about this amazing tincture. Although the oil or tincture that Tony is supplying is legal, the plant Cannabis sativa which he grows to extract the oil from is illegal. Due to this Tony has had a few run-ins with local authorities and is now facing not only the court system, possibly ending in jail time, but also associated costs. A heartbreaking real-life tale of a man who will do anything to help those in need, even putting his own freedom in jeopardy. Support Tony FaceBook.

Giving a lot of seriously ill people not only pain relief but also a better quality of life is not something someone should be criminalized for. It is long overdue for us all to stand up for what’s right and moral, instead of blindly following propaganda and believing anyone just because, there on television.

Why are people being persecuted for their compassion, empathy and drive to make a difference in this crazy world? I encourage anyone who reads this to please do their own research, read the countless tales of a second chance, at life as I have and tell me that you wouldn’t legalize it. Show your support, sign the petition to legalize medical marijuana oil in Australia. Related: Marijuana Australia >  © Ange Marxsen

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