Alfalfa Herb Medicinal Uses

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Herbs For Health Alfalfa

Alfalfa is incredibly rich in minerals and health-promoting nutrients and compounds, which is why it is so popular with farmers as food for livestock. Alfalfa contains a high amount of protein and is considered the “father of all plants”.

Alfalfa Herb benefitss and uses
Alfalfa Health Benefits

The plant grows to a height of up to 1 m (3 ft) and has a deep root system, sometimes stretching more than 15 m (49 ft). This makes it very resilient, especially to droughts. Alfalfa leaf is a source of chlorophyll, four times higher than ordinary vegetables.

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Alfalfa Health Benefits And Uses

There have been many scientific studies done on the efficacy of chlorophyll, such as cleaning the body, forming blood cells, regulating the body’s acid-base balance, enhancing durability, as well as the replacement of damaged cells.

Alfalfa can also help control cholesterol, overcome digestive problems, remove toxins from the body, get rid of alcohol addiction, reduce the symptoms of menopause, relieve asthma and treat anemia. Alfalfa is commonly consumed in the form of sprouts, stems, or dried leaf. Alfalfa food supplements are available in tablet, powder, or tea. In the United States and Australia, young fresh alfalfa leaves are mixed into a salad. In China, it has been used as an herbal remedy or as a soup mix. – © Angela Soya

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