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Medicinal Marijuana Australia?

A look into the market of Medical marijuana Australia it’s medicinal
benefits positives and the laws and how they need to catch up.

medicinal marijuana australia

The Highly Lucrative Marijuana Market

While the Australian government try to work out how to keep marijuana illegal while selling it themselves and not looking like hypocrites and drug dealers. A couple of Australians who have led the material lifestyle and have plenty of paper Barry and Joy Lambert have donated 30.7 million dollars to the Sydney Uni for research into medicinal marijuana. Sydney Morning Herald 30 million dollar donation > This is what happens when marijuana cures the children around us even the foggy eyed see the light.

The Australian Government is not proposing to legalize the
cultivation of cannabis outside of regulated medical purposes.
These legislative changes will ensure that Australia continues
to comply with international obligations under the Single Convention.

From a law enforcement perspective, there are a number of issues requiring consideration when exploring
options for access to medicinal cannabis, including: o ensuring secure possession and use among patients and carers;
o preventing the influence of crime groups or individuals on the production, supply,
transportation and administration of cannabis, for its approved use; o child safety and welfare requirements;
o road safety enforcement relating to driving under the influence of cannabis;
and o crime associated with increased diversion of controlled drugs to unauthorized use or misuse
Government fact sheet medicinal marijuana PDF

Marijuana And The Evil It Will Bring In The Form Of Big Pharm

Marijuana has been a healer for thousands of years all shamans know this and have done for a very long time. Whether you call it pot or label it so it sounds acceptable ie. medical marijuana (all breeds of marijuana have medicinal purposes). The scientists and doctors of the world, are now telling us its medicinal “der” So what now? For everyone, the answer will be different depending on your experience perspective and drive. For those who only see money as the be all to end all, they will try and patent it put it in a pill and charge the life out of you for it.

Some will even destroy its genetics to supply us with seeds that create plants that will not produce seeds ( Monsanto) therefore charging us again for the seeds as Monsanto have and are doing with all other breeds of food seeds. Monsanto is evil in the world when it comes to food and seed. Any monopoly is wrong and evil.

For those who use it for medicinal purposes and recreational reasons will think all this is about time, I just want to smoke my pot without getting in trouble plus it heals me. For those of us who have used its medicinal qualities for years will go about their business with marijuana as always. Trying not to see what is happening. We can’t afford to do that marijuana, cannabis (or pot just don’t call it a weed it is far from a weed) is a unique plant in the world nothing on earth ( if cannabis even comes from earth) resembles its growth patterns or the display and workings of the feminine healer. It is and has always been God’s gift to human health after all if it didn’t come from out of space the nature gods created it. In 1936 Cannabis Sativa was the most prescribed medicine in the United States. Cannabis food for thought. Marijuana belongs to the people.

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