Find Your Animal Spirit Guide Through Meditation

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Animal Spirit Meditation

Animal Spirit Guide Guided Meditation

This particular meditation is best practised late at night when the body is tired. Falling asleep after this visualization is recommended, animal spirits find us in our astral travels, our dreams, everyday life. and our meditations. We all have the opportunity to connect and work with our animal spirit guides and are not always limited to just one.

Animal spirit guides may come and go in our lives depending on our spiritual progression and what drives our passions in life. Connecting with our animal spirit brings vast amounts of knowledge and understanding to our selves and our perspective on the world ( universe ) in general. Animal spirits are a powerful source of protection psychically and provide safe travels in the astral world.

How To Channel Your Spirit Guides

1. Lay down flat on your back, arms by your side, legs shoulder width apart, breathe in deeply through the nose filling the lungs with as much air as possible and exhale through the mouth expelling as much air as possible. Do this slowly three times.

2. Clear the mind for a few minutes by visualizing yourself sitting on a beach watching the waves roll in, it is mid afternoon and the ocean is gentle. Relax your thoughts focus your attention on the beach, in your minds eye begin to build a small fire place and erect a hammock between two palm trees. During this brief visualization relax the body even further by feeling your weight sink into the mattress your lying on.

3. After a short period of enjoying your tropical paradise which you have created, begin to refocus on your breathing, repeat step one. Shuffle your body into sleeping position before beginning the visualization.

Spirit Animal Meditation

Take yourself back to the beach walking along the shore, it is late in the evening and the sun is saying goodbye behind the horizon. You come across the camp you have previously set up and begin to lite the fire settling in for the night.

Animal Spirits And Their Meanings

Taking a comfortable position in your hammock your focus is now on the luminous sight of the moon over the ocean. As you stare deep into her ( moon ) all other thoughts and sights drift away, you are left with darkness in the foreground and overwhelming light coming in over the top of you. Feeling a presence in the darkness you are startled but not frightened, keeping your attention on the moon a state of inner peace begins to surround you.

Out of the shadows. a figure appears, looking directly at you. During this moment you are spoken to, spoken in the sound of spirit a telepathic experience. No matter the language telepathy translates. From this moment on we walk off the beach together as a partnership, as one.

What Are And How To Work With Animal Spirits


At this point in the meditation. it’s a waiting game, and when you should let yourself fall to sleep in the knowledge of spirit appearing through the shadows. The idea of falling asleep is so this meeting takes place in the astral world, knowing only the journey when you awake the next morning. Be prepared, have a pen and paper handy to write down your experience. Sometimes an animal spirit will appear straight away. But for many. it may take a few attempts depending upon your meditation skill level.

Contact Your Spirit Guide Through Meditation

There is no limit in what is classed as an animal spirit, it may be an ant that comes out of the dark to greet you, don’t despair the humble and has plenty to teach. Once your animal spirit has shown themselves study them, know their habits and the way they live, in turn. you will be learning about yourself. Ask for their guidance of a night time when you sleep, ask for them to show you their messages through your Dreamtime.  © by psychic medium Ian Scott 


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