Meditation Music Healing Frequency 432Hz

meditation music healing frequency

Healing Frequencies

Combining binaural beats, isochronic tones and the healing frequency (432 Hz – 528 Hz) with spiritual meditation music. Offering peace, harmony, contentment, relaxation, spiritual growth and brainwave enhancement. Rejuvenate and heal the mind body and soul. Tune to the divine intelligence of mother earth herself, remove emotional blockages and expand your consciousness.

meditation music healing freqency

Meditation Music Healing Frequency Visualization

The moment is still paused in time. The air is brisk chilling the insides of your nose as you inhale. Cold dew from the grass caresses your feet as you walk. The fire starts to warm the leaves of the treetops. Birds play their ritual music to the gods and goddesses. The moment is dawn. © Psychic medium Ian Scott.



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