Meditation Spring Equinox

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meditation spring equinox

Meditation Spring Equinox. As we enter the time of Libra and look to her Symbol of the scales of justice, our subconscious recognises a call for balance. The recent Equinox also beckons us to align our energies with the season as the wheel spins. In the northern hemisphere we are giving gratitude for the season’s harvest and here in the Southern Hemisphere, we are planting new seeds for the coming year.

Written Meditation Spring Equinox

Let us begin the meditation spring equinox, Sit quietly and jot down all the aspects of your life that require more harmony. Your health, relationships, finances, etc. place this on your altar or in your meditation space. light a yellow candle representing the element Air and take 9 deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth with each breath imagine you are breathing in harmony and out chaos. In light and out dark. Falling deeper into your centre with each breath.

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Let your breathing find its natural rhythm and feel the air filling your lungs and pumping through your veins as it circulates and permeates your entire system. As you sit there in total relaxation call upon the guardians of the East to infuse you with the element of Air Still focusing on your breath breathe in inspiration and harmony.

Written Guided Meditations

Looking at your list in your mind’s eye see your issues as baskets of seeds. Select only the strong and healthy ones from each and sprinkle them with love that they may germinate and grow in love and balance. Thank your guardian and know that you will be able to draw upon their inspiration when it is needed. Just sit focusing on your breath a little longer letting go of all thought and trusting that balance is now your way. So be it. From the sacred grove. © Druid Priestess Jyoti Eagles. Learn more about and follow Jyoti Eagles >

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