written meditations

Learn the art of meditation free, relieving one of stress, harmonise the body and mind and lift the soul to higher consciousness. There are many forms of meditation, still meditations, intuition-based, spiritual development meditations or even moving meditations, such as tai chi. Visualisations are used to focus a meditation toward a specific goal and to help one achieve a state of meditation. Meditation music is used to achieve a state of relaxation and to create the spiritual ambience needed to drift into deep meditation when the music stops. © psychic medium Ian Scott.

Written Meditation Scripts

A meditation ( written meditation ) which first has to be learned and remembered through reading and visualisation, gives us a solid foundation to meditate, without music or a voice guiding us.  Remembering all that is needed to meditate is yourself. It is your own special private place where you get in touch with you and the Universal flow of energy. See also our meditation Youtube channel >

Written meditations allow our ultimate freedom of expression, visualisation and goal building strategies. Adding your own thoughts and creativity to the meditations as you learn them, is a good thing, I do encourage it. Record your own voice reading the meditation and place your own meditation music behind it, or use a meditation track from the thrive on news collection here > Also see 5 health benefits of morning meditation>. © by psychic medium, Ian Scott

Copyright Notice: You may not make public recordings or reproduce anything from this website, except for your personal and or private use.

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written meditations

Anxiety Relief Meditation Written Script


Silence the mind, relax the body, shed the worries and relieve the tension. Anxiety relief meditation. Find a comfortable place with low light and relative quietness, laying down is the most optimum but if you lack space sitting is fine. Before you sit or lay down, we will perform dynamic tensioning of the muscles which help’s in the bodies relaxation. Dynamic tensioning will help relieve and release knotted muscles and joints. Help calm the mind by relaxing the bodies central nervous system. Will also help one’s focus, attention and concentration.

we will perform dynamic tensioning of the muscles which help’s in the bodies relaxation. Dynamic tensioning will help relieve and release knotted muscles and joints. Help calm the mind by relaxing the bodies central nervous system. Will also help one’s focus, attention and concentration. Anxiety Relief Meditation continue reading >



meditation creativity

5 Health Benefits Of Morning Meditation

Meditation is an amazing tool for relaxation, soothing and healing the body and calming the mind, easing anxiety and stress. Meditation has many health benefits including; helping to regulate mood and anxiety disorders, reduce symptoms of panic disorder and depression, improvement in information processing, and helps decision making and emotional intelligence just to mention a few.

Meditation trains the mind and body to listen to our soul, allowing spiritual growth and understanding developing compassion and love. Morning meditations do all that and more, here is a list of the five main health benefits to meditating early the morning. continue reading >

de stress meditation

3 Minute De-Stress Meditation

When stress and anxiety come knocking, our mental skills of calculation and observation weaken, we are no longer able to function at our fullest. Taking just three minutes away from a stressful situation rebalances the brain, allowing us to function with calmness and intuition. It could be the difference between being successful at work or not. continue reading >



Meditation For Kids

written meditationMeditation Script Astral Travel

Written meditation script for astral travel. Astral travel or OBE out of the body experience enables us, our soul to venture off without the body. Shamans, witches and persons of magic are usually accredited with this miraculous event. But the truth is we all astral travel every night our soul returns to spirit while the organic body recharges and rests. The ultimate goal of meditation is to be aware of this process allowing the body to fall asleep and the soul to detach. Meditation into astral travel keeps us conscious through the process allowing the mind to remember the journey. Fly with me on a meditation journey which sometimes takes a lifetime to master so start now. continue reading >


healing meditaiton

Meditation To Heal Emotional Scars “The Pebble”

This written meditation is designed to heal one of a long-suffering emotional scar from the past (PTSD). Although it may be used to heal or rid yourself of negative energies of the present too. There is a list of tools you will need as this written meditation relies on ritual.  continue reading >



daily meditation routine mindfulness

Daily Mindfulness Meditation

Regular daily meditation has many health benefits including greater peace of mind, lessening of anxiety, reduction of stress and better physical and emotional health. Daily meditation benefits begin immediately although not generally highly noticeable straight away, but with discipline and regular practice a calmer wiser more intuitive you will arise. continue reading >



Written Meditation Healing

Meditation Healing Heart

Meditate, Take a deep breath in through the nose, as you do so, visualise an overwhelming luminescent healing pink light intertwining its way through your body and into your heart. continue reading >



everyday meditation technique

Aura Detox. Everyday Meditation Techniques

After a long hard day out, with the stress and pressures of the modern world we look forward to coming home, our little safe place where peace and relaxation reins. Often though we forget to leave these negative energies outside the yard before we enter our safe place called home. continue reading >



meditation for protection

Spiritual And Psychic Aura Protection Meditation

The intention behind this aura protection meditation is to add an extra barrier, a psychic one if you like, just in case, like we all do sometimes fall off our joy waggon into the nasty hole of doom and gloom. Enabling protection on a permanent basis, closing that doorway to others when we are not able to. continue reading >




blue moon meaning and meditation

Full Moon Meditation

The power of the full moon has intense spiritual energy allowing us to connect with our intuitive feminine side of ourselves. As the sun grows and nourishes our bodies, the moonlight works to enlighten our souls and provides spiritual nourishment.

A blue moon ( 2nd full moon in a calendar month ) has triple the intensity of a full moon bringing the gods and goddesses (maiden, mother and crone) guides and spirits, close. continue reading >

written meditation

Tree Meditation

In this meditation, we will be focusing on our past as it is our past which has made us what we are in the eternal present. continue reading >



written meditation

Spiritual Meditation – A Visit To The Great Goddess

Upon entering the land of the great goddess you are asked to clear your mind of all negative thoughts. The Goddess reminds you, “once you are in my presence you are protected by my healing and compassion”. Continue reading >



written meditation

Animal Spirits Meditation

Finding And Connecting With Your Animal Spirit Guide

This particular meditation is best practised late at night when the body is tired. Falling asleep after this visualisation is recommended, animal spirits find us in our astral travels, our dreams, everyday life and our meditations. We all have the opportunity to connect and work with our animal spirit guides and are not always limited to just one. Continue reading >



invisibility cloak meditation

Meditation To Release Negative Energy

Invisibility Cloak Of The Old But Rested Wizard

Approaching the steep cliffs you notice a small dark opening in the distance, marked by tree spirits to what looks like the entrance of a cave. Immediately an intuition calls you to investigate, along with the way to the entrance, a cool breeze dances pass you, ruffling the leaves of the trees all the way to the entrance. The feeling is one of being followed or lead to the caves by spirit. Continue reading >

Healing Meditation

Healing Meditation

Pain Management With A Healing Touch

Landing down softly on the planet, you find yourself lying next to a serene pale pink lake with all living things around you also radiating a pale pink glow. You are content and have an overwhelming feeling of peace. Continue reading >


Eagle Meditation

Shaman Meditation

 Meditation Shapeshifter +

Absorb the spiritual laughter

With eyes closed ready in trance now face your third eye towards the eagle. Perched in the trees high above he sits just a thought takes us closer. Glistening in the sun his eye sparkles with a wink of approval. Continue reading >

soul retrieval meditation free

Soul Retrieval Meditation

The following is a soul retrieval meditation which can help you to perform a soul retrieval do it yourself if you don’t have access to a reputable Shaman or qualified healer. It is really effective for resolving issues of the past which haunt you and block you from moving forward. continue reading >


Connective Crystal Healing Meditation

Resting deeply now, take your focus to the crystal resting on your body. Visualize your bodies energies (aura) and the crystals melding together, communicating with each other on an etheric level. Continue reading >




Spirit guides

 Spirit Guide Meditation

Connecting with your spirit guides

Far in the distance, as far as the eye can see, is a large wooden door. In weightlessness, start to walk toward the door. Your path built from nature is long and winding but without effort, floating six inches off the ground as you walk. Continue reading >




forest walk meditation

Meditation Purpose 

Meditation and Music – A Forest Walk

In the distance faintly you hear the sound of drums playing, you are magnetically attracted to chase the point of origin. Your path is clear and easy to negotiate. Without a hint of being frightened, you notice a small man to your left wearing a headdress of blue and yellow feathers. Continue reading >


stress relief meditatin

 Meditation Technique

Learn to meditate – Stress Relief

Remember what you are thinking in the background while you do other things must be positive, positive self-chatter. If you are talking negatively to yourself then negativity will be sure to find your return. Continue reading >


White light healing hands

Spiritual Healing Meditation

Healing Meditation – 18 Hands Healing

Picture yourself encompassed in white light, igniting warmth and love in your whole body. Imagine this healing light rushing through you. On its way through it lifts and evaporates all body, mental and emotional toxins, safely removing all discomfort, pain, disharmony, disease and negative thought. Continue reading >





Metaphysical Healing Meditation

The Re-construction Of Our Cells

Visualize your cells in a state of dynamic metamorphosis, magically breathing health, vitality, love and joy into each and every micro part of you. The Iridescent light blue light repairs the cellular structure of the entire human body eradicating one of sleepiness of the soul or mind persuasion, that has been absorbed over the years. Magnetically attracted to you, your hopes, desires and goals this lifetime around. Continue reading > 



global meditation

Global Meditation For World Peace

Global Healing Meditation

It has been scientifically proven that whenever a group of people meditate for world peace and healing together the human consciousness becomes one golden light of peace that can harness the power of the collective intention ( in this instance peace and healing of the planet ), and influence the vibration of the others. continue reading>