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Free Meditation Music To Download

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free to download meditation music

Free meditation music for download

Spiritual Meditation Music Free Mp3 Downloads

Create a special ambience in your meditations with this free new age meditation music. Music helps one to drift off into a state of meditation and bring forth uplifting vibrations that sooth the soul. Psychic medium Ian Scott creates his music with a healing aspect in mind, concentrating on correcting the aura through sound vibration.

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free drum music

Chasing The Drum

“Chasing the drum” Trance Music

Free MP3 download. Right click on link save file as: chasing the drums

Trance Meditation Finding Your Dance: Time: 00:00 to 00:42. The children begin to ring the bells, the elders commence the play of the pipes. The clan is called to chase the drums and find their dance. Continue reading >

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Summon The Oak Knowers

Free To Download Meditation Music
“The Oak Knowers Quest”

The oak knowers is the meaning of the word druid, the ancient ones who communicated with trees for guidance and wisdom. © by psychic medium Ian Scott. Read entire article here > Oak Knowers Quest

Download Music

Free to download mp3 right click on link, save file as. oak knowers quest

drum music

“Fire Drum”

Shamanic Drum Music Free Download

Fire Drum Raise Your Energy. Hi energy shamanic drum music designed to inspire and uplift the listener to create, create change with positive vibrations. continue reading >

Please enjoy this free mp3 meditation music download, “Fire Drum” Our Tribal Voice, by psychic medium Ian Scott. Right click save file as – Our Tribal Voice Fire Drum

3 Minute De Stress Meditation

3 Minute Meditation de stressWhen stress and anxiety come knocking, our mental skills of calculation and observation weaken, we are no longer able to function at our fullest. Taking just three minutes away from a stressful situation rebalances the brain, allowing us to function… read more >

Free To Download MP3, right click save link as, 3 minute de-stress meditation


meditation music

Meditation Music For Ascension

Ascension Meditation

Free to download mp3 spiritual meditation music, Lifting To Ascension, psychic developmentmandala’s and new age music, designed to open all seven chakras. Transporting the soul, accelerating vibrational energy and expanding consciousness. Read More >

Free To Download MP3, right click save link as, Lifting To Ascension

forest walk meditation

Forest Walk Meditation

Nature’s MagicRelaxation Meditation

Visualize yourself lightly as a feather drifting down to land from the clouds. Appearing in a lush rain forest. The first thing you notice is the sound of the birds singing their song with running water in the background from a nearby stream.

Download right click save link as – Nature’s Magic

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Meditation music whale sounds

Whale Song – from whale animal spirit guide

Whale Song – A sound healing meditation

Ancient mystical keepers of earth and it’s magic, there are no secrets which are kept from whale spirit. Whale song is the earth’s rhythmic heart beat the connector between the “om” of nature and the sounds of the sea, joining water and earth as one, these two sounds are the sounds of mother nature herself.

Free Download mp3 – right click save link as – whale sound healing

meditation music

Blue Moon Meditation Music Free Online

Full Blue Moon Meditation

The power of the full moon has intense spiritual energy allowing us to connect with our intuitive feminine side of ourselves. As the sun grows and nourishes our bodies, the moon light works to enlighten our souls and provides spiritual nourishment.

Download right click save link as – blue moon meditation music

youtube meditation videos

Meditation music

Emotional Healing Meditation “Let it go”

Seek out through contemplation, what is truly bothering you, look deep into your soul. Allow the darkness to be lit, as the black begins to fade, so do your problems. Let the meditation music transform your mood, uplift your spirit and provide you with the strength to see your own powerful guiding inner light.

Download Mp3 right click save link as – Let it Go !

soul retrieval meditation music

Meditation Music “Reflections”

Soul Retrieval Shamanic Healing Meditation

Recapture and collect the fragmented parts of your soul. Use this soul retrieval meditation music to give you the ideal vibration on which to drift into a trance and see your past clearly.

Download mp3 right click – save link as –  Soul Retrieval Meditation Music Shamanic Healing

Meditation music

Entry To The Sacred Aspen Grove

Healing Meditation Music – Entry to the sacred aspen grove

The Aspen trees just love to help to energize the weary traveller and heal the tired healer. Upon entering the sacred aspen grove you are asked to release yourself from all negative thinking and to ground yourself with a sense of peace for all living things.

Download mp3 right click – save link as –    Sacred Lands Aspen Tree

beach meditation music

The Beach – Relaxation Meditation Music

Fresh life giving oxygen. This energy is healthy and fun, well done. Try to maintain the excitement and meld with the ocean in its ever changing cycles, look forward to the future you have created.

Download mp3 right click – save link as –   Beach Oracle Meditation

written meditation

Meditation Technique For Sleep

Over The Mountain Over The River. – Meditation For Sleep

Your off on a long journey across rivers over bridges through the forests. When you arrive at your destination you are tired your eye’s are heavy, the sun sets, the night falls your bed awaits.

Download right click  save link as  Over The Mountain Over The River

meditation music

Dance For Africa

Tribal NRGMeditation music for energy.

Mother earth sees me now as I dance for her on our sacred land she lends to us, we are your people. All that is in our hearts is love, see that now. Dance and dance, I raise the serpent from it’s sleep. Intertwining with the fabric of the universe I sing, we sing, we all sing. “The tiger sleeps at night but the dance goes on forever”.

Download right click save link as – nrg

free meditation music

Rain Meditation

Rain – Nature Meditation

Spiritual Healing is magic, healing is a state of mind, healing is natural, healing 24/7 as nature intended. Article Healing with love water and seed.

Download Right click – save link as – Rain

meditation music

Gateway Meditation

 Gateway – Visualization Meditation

Once awake and aware it becomes indifferent to think any other way. Once the truth is revealed to you by your own sub-conscious the Gateway appears.

Download right click save link as – Gateway


Full Moon music

Meditation Music Full Moon Tonight

Moon full tonightSpiritual energy

A correlation of strong cosmic reflection

Time to recharge, fill yourself with universal nourishment. Absorb it’s light, allow it to become a part of you. Do not resist it’s power or it will turn negative.

Download right click save link as – Moon Full Tonight

meditation music

Trance Meditation

Trance Meditation 1Healing Meditation

This trance meditation track was designed to awaken the 3rd eye and prepare us for the astral realm. Lay comfortably where you will not be disturbed. Breathe in deeply through the nose all the air you can, then exhale out of the mouth all the air you possibly can.

Download right click save link as – Trance Meditation 1

Meditation music

Chant Of The Past Life Monk

 Chant of the past life Monk– Sound Healing

In the great hall you are surrounded by ambient candle light and the smell of Jasmine drifting by from a thousand incense sticks. Lie down, make your self comfortable, close your eye’s, arms by your side.

Download right click save link as – Chant of the past life Monk

Chant of the past life Monk 2Sound Healing Meditation

Download right click save link as – Chant of the Past Life Monk 2


Music Dance Of The Kookaburra

Dance of the KookaburraMovement Meditation

Dance of the kookaburra is a moving meditation, designed to heighten spiritual energy and balance the emotions, lending the way to receiving inspiration from your intuition.

Download right click save link as – Dance Of The Kookaburra

meditation music

Planet Earth Needs Us Now

 Planet Earth Needs Us Now Ambient New Age Music

Download right click save link as – M E N U R N mp3

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