Lunar Astrology: Meteor Moon



Still vibrating from the gravitational distortion of last month’s total solar eclipse, the moon burns up tomorrow in a Sagittarian sun for the final black Betty of 2012.  And on this darkest night of the month, we get to see the peak of the annual Geminid meteors shooting bright and slow, as the Earth cuts through the dusty debris trail of the old dead “rock comet” Phaenon.  There should be up to fifty shooters an hour, but not just for our entertainment.  For a few days, this scattered energy pushes us to prove ourselves right… regardless of the consequences.

But wait… there’s more.  A celestial messenger may arrive on the scene in the guise of a Jupiter-type comet called Wirtanen.  Discovered in 1948, this cosmic wild card has skirted the Earth’s orbit many times before but has never come close enough to cause fireworks.  But if by chance this feral wanderer does decide to pop in for a visit then we can be certain of one thing – that nothing is certain at this moment in space and time.  So if by chance you glimpse this bonus light shower, then be careful what you wish for… the chances are you might just get it.  Rock on.

Crystal Gaze