The Global Elite And The World Of Playing Games

Global Elite Gameplay

money and materialism

Game of money and materialism

Houses, cars, televisions, games , watches, phones where does it all stop, consumerism is at an all time absolute crazy proportional high. Buy sell make something to sell buy some more and more spend all day at shops buying buy, buy, buy ! Sell, sell, sell in the end I ask you what for ? Mass amounts of material objects and  zeros in the bank account have nothing to do with life or intelligence. This money and materialism game of monopoly called society is just that a game. A game we are all forced to play.

Keep the people occupied playing games, keep the people entertained, keep the people drinking with merriment. The biggest power taken from us is the belief we end when we die, if we all believe this we can be as crazy and selfish as we like because there are no consequences for once you die it’s all over, so become that suicide bomber or that person that takes there life in some mixed up religious belief. The soul lives on and on living each life as a chance to become a spiritual being or angel and help in the process of light and creation. Think about it we do not get just one chance we have many. And according to our previous life and how we managed it determines our next life.

fed-imf bank
Deliberate economy crash

Global Elite Illuminati

The world is busy playing games. Where are the illuminati allowing money to flow and to who, sports, music, food, movies, media and the dynamics of Yin and Yang with-in the worlds governments. All these areas are designed with fanfare to mop up our attention to anything that matters and keep us busy in their world of money and materialism. Pay these people lots of money make them sing make them dance and play with balls. Manipulate, persuade and control our lives and thoughts with fanfare sports, music and video games. The world is busy playing games and violent ones.

As the material King and King of the worldly castle sit on their throne they are wined and dined.  Entertained by the court jesters who sing, dance and humiliate themselves. And then they decide who’s head to cut off for fun. Be aware nothing has changed in hundreds and hundreds of years.

If the worlds people concentrated on the things that really matter in life like peace, love and honesty instead of 24 hour entertainment we could change the world in a heart beat. Ending the criminal Federal Reserve Banking System will go along way toward this goal. © Ian Scott


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