July Monthly Horoscope

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July monthly horoscope

July Monthly Horoscope

July will be full of contrasts, starting off with some highs and ending with some possible lows if you don’t make some concessions. Saturn and Mars promise to set some limitations in the second half of the month which could see a few nerves being jarred and challenges to be confronted. Try to keep your cool and avoid conflict.

Aries Star Sign

Aries your love life continues to excite you this month making for harmonious relationships all around. If you are single, you will have had an exciting encounter last month. Your head will be in the clouds and your heart will be ready to soar – and you will be radiating an irresistible personal magnetism right now that you can put to good use in all areas of your life. Avoid conflict in the second half of the month particularly on the domestic front.

Taurus Star Sign

All you want is a little harmony! Mars is putting a little pressure on you this month so be careful not to push things too far. You will be asked to face a reality that begs to question where relationships are concerned. Some things – and people – may be past their use-by-date. Try to keep your cool Taurus so that you don’t miss opportunities for love. To hold onto what you have gained last month communicate with diplomacy and care. Let go of the details. No one is perfect.

Gemini Star Sign

Venus is favouring communication for the already sweet talking twin. You will be irresistible. Success and enthusiasm are on your side. Jupiter is on your side so try not to avoid responsibilities. Although luck is on your side you still have to do the work. Try to avoid concentrating on what you need to do as you could feel mentally overwhelmed by your responsibilities. Listen to your partner to help consolidate your gains and fully understand their love.

Cancer Star Sign

Venus and Jupiter give you an amazing magnetism with a little touch of Mars to add spice to your exchanges with others and in all areas of your life. These influences should help you to overcome frustrations in your relationship and difficulty in making yourself heard and understood by your children. Take advantage of these aspects to examine some old patterns and lessons from your past. You will ultimately congratulate yourself for breaking these old patterns and creating greater awareness and a new maturity.

Leo Star Sign

Jupiter and Venus are conjunct, still highlighting your charismatic presence … and your libido. However, around the middle of the month communication goes haywire for the Lion and you may feel misunderstood and confused. Try to hold on to your nerve as disruptions could shake your boat. By the end of the month things will lift a peg or two, but be cautious about how you interpret things as you may be a little paranoid or tend to overreact. Luck is still on your side.

Virgo Star Sign

The month starts with the leftovers from June and the first-week fares well. Flexibility is your keyword this month as your tendency to demand perfectionism could rile others, especially your partner. There are cloud-free skies on the horizon in all areas of your life if you exercise discretion. Venus is heading your way Virgo so prepare to feast on her plethora of sensual delights.

Libra Star Sign

It’s time to lay down those foundations for what you have been dreaming up Libra. Make sure you have every detail clear in your vision – be it a project or a relationship – as the second half of the month casts a shadow over your emotional fabric and reveals a reality that is much less glamorous than it seemed to begin with. There will be ups and downs during a turbulent and busy month, but if you keep your boundaries clear you will avoid pointless tension.

Scorpio Star Sign

You haven’t been able to set a foot wrong during the month of June and this magnetic charm will continue for the first half of the month until Saturn causes a bit of tension in your environment. Integrate a lesson from your past and decide on a line of behaviour that will follow reason rather than emotion. Watch those old stories as they run through your head. Cultivate a more serene outlook to avoid being over demanding.

Sagittarius Star Sign

Jupiter is encouraging you to expand your horizons in your professional and social arenas. It’s time to manifest that dream by taking the necessary steps to achieve your goals. An ideal time for jet-setting around Saggie. Weed out old habits which are not suited to your true aspirations. You can rely on your inner voice to identify and manage your needs in your love-life.

Capricorn Star Sign

Your attention is firmly on the home front this month with Venus and Jupiter giving you the boost you need for your resources. This could mean restructuring your life or your property. Make sure you don’t impose your own vision of things without consulting with your other half. Relationships could be tense during the second half of the month.

Aquarius Star Sign

This month Aquarius affords you the opportunity to have the love-affair of your life. The first half of the month is an excellent time to get your fill of happiness and love but the second half is less promising. There could be worries on the home front which will need to be resolved urgently and or a work overload may force you to face up to things and keep you on the edge. Try to keep things in their own box and take care of all the fiddly little details.

Pisces Star Sign

Your personal magnetism and bubbling libido will attract all and sundry this month so make the most of this to achieve that dream or to entice that prospective lover into your net. But don’t be disappointed if a few communication challenges arise during the second half of the month. Try not to play power games. A more rational approach will help you to avoid conflict when Mars steps into play and your more aggressive side threatens to emerge. by astrologer © Jyoti Eagles


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