March Monthly Horoscope

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March Monthly Horoscope

March will be a challenging month. Watch out for aggression and power play on the 11th when Mars and Uranus form a conjunction. The last of 12 hit-offs of Uranus (in Aries) square Pluto (in Capricorn) will occur on March 17th bringing to an end a 3 year period of radical and bewildering political reform and exposure on a global level.

The combination of compulsive Aries and unpredictable Uranus have brought about unexpected changes, which Pluto has broken down in order to make room for the new. An eclipse in Pisces on the 20th signals new spiritual beginnings and brings fresh ideas and situations into your life.

Saturn finally moves out of Scorpio and into Sagittarius giving us the opportunity to expand our horizons and create some global structure. On a personal level be careful of accidents and violence. The culmination of the work of the gods is marked with a trine between Jupiter, Mars and Uranus bringing the opportunity for achievement and fulfilment.

Aries monthly horoscope


Love is in the Air for the ram this month. Something or someone unexpected could come your way but watch your impulsiveness as there is a risk of conflict. Jupiter lends his support in all areas of luck, love and enterprises. Aries will have to be particularly aware this month as Mars, your ruling planet conjuncts Uranus in your house. You will have to bring out as much patience as you can conjure up. Take care of your nervous system.

Taurus Monthly Horoscope


Things are not quite as they seem. Check your blind spot. Use your observation skills and your excellent instincts to identify what is real. Caution is recommended when mixing money with friendships and make sure you check and double check things this month.

Gemini monthly horoscopes


Group activities will be favoured. Stay objective and you will gain respect and reputation. Joint activities will provide satisfaction such as reunions, conventions, meetings, etc. Be careful of addictions and risk-taking this month and don’t eat at strange restaurants and there could be a risk of food poisoning.

Cancer monthly horoscopes


This month is more relaxed for the Crab. You will be able to communicate your emotions more easily and confidently that in recent times. Make sure you separate your private life from your public and professional ones. You will advance through personal charm, networking and good luck. Expect success on a financial level. Good month for travel, study, culture and to generally broaden your horizon.

Leo monthly horoscope


Jupiter and Saturn are on your side for some time. March is one of the best months for the Lion to achieve satisfaction on every level. An active month with some challenges but luck is on your side. Venus is in your house of career so stay clear and practical and fulfilment will come through chance, useful connections and the benevolence of authorities. Avoid speculation and deliver yourself from temptation.

Virgo monthly horoscope


A romantic period for Virgos, but a tad idealistic. With the eclipse on March 20th, you may experience unexpected or unpleasant events. Be careful that what you get involved in is within your ethical boundaries. Clear and honest communication is important this month. Health issued could become a problem this month so keep an eye on your health. Be careful what you ask for coz you just might get it! Good time to curl up with a good detective book and let the month cruise by.

Libra monthly horoscope


Your private life will definitely begin a very dynamic phase, marked by a significant or meaningful event. You are feeling passionate and your relationship could undergo a process of change. Travel and socialization are high on your agenda but you can expect some competition, even direct confrontation. Don’t worry, you will be able to charm your way out of any situation. Watch out for excesses.

Scorpio monthly horoscope


All things point to romance for you this month. Your sexual energy will be blinded by the diffused idealism of Neptune. Your career and love life will be closely intertwined. Great opportunity for accomplishing what you set out to achieve – but just watch you don’t overdo it as you will have unusually high energy levels which you can either take into the bedroom or your career. If you focus on work, money is favoured this month and you will have the collaboration of Jupiter (luck) on your side.

Saggitarius monthly horoscope


It will be an intense and tumultuous month bringing sentimental enthusiasm and burning passion. This is the month that all those goals you have set will come to fruition. The fire trine formed by Jupiter, Saturn and Mars-Uranus can push Sagittarius forward, but you must take advantage of these favourable conditions and know clearly what you want to achieve next. Pay attention to parents, home and property.

Capricorn monthly horoscope


Your focus is on home and family this month. You could be in for a period of fun and fancy and you should be lucky in love. Investments and possessions are favoured. Money may even come from other people. You may be feeling a little hyperactive or irritable. Open your heart to an old friend.

Aquarius monthly horoscope


Expect an important message or a surprise trip away. Nothing will be still – and you will make contact with a lot of people. Intellectual challenges bring out your originality and creativity. Direct all that nervous energy into creative ventures and you won’t regret it. Check the technical condition of your car.

Pisces monthly horoscopes


You may feel neglected or even lonely in the arena of love, as Venus is more interested in your practical life than your romantic sector, but the last two weeks bring you luck, love and travel. Don’t take things too seriously as you stand to do really well financially if you take advantage of special professional and financial opportunities that will attract money to you like a magnet. Mercury has you moving more, talking more and generally your mental capacity is at its peak. © Jyoti Eagles


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