Moon Dates 2015

Full Moon Dates And New Moon
Dates 2015 AEST

2015 moon dates
Moon Dates 2015 Astrology

This page acts as a reference guide to the full moon and new moon dates for 2015. For full information, see our moon posts each month explaining in detail the astrological and spiritual meanings of each moon. Follow or subscribe to Thrive on news ( it’s free! see top right of home page ) to see our latest moon posts fast.

Lunar Calendar 2015

Moon Dates January 2015

5th January Full Moon in Cancer 20th
January New Moon in Aquarius

Moon Dates February 2015

3rd February Full Moon in Leo 18th
February New Moon in Pisces

Moon Dates March 2015

5th March Full Moon in Virgo 20th
March New Moon in Pisces Eclipse

Moon Dates April 2015

4th April Full Moon in Libra Eclipse 18th
April New Moon in Aries

Moon Dates May 2015

4th May Full Moon in Scorpio 18th
May New Moon in Taurus

Moon Dates June 2015

2nd June Full Moon in Sagittarius 17th
June New Moon in Gemini

Moon Dates July 2015

2nd July Full Blue Moon in Capricorn 16th
July New Moon in Cancer 31st July Full Blue Moon in Aquarius

Moon Dates August 2015

15th August New Moon in Leo
30th August Full Moon (supermoon) in Pisces

Moon Dates September 2015

13th September New Moon ( partial eclipse ) in Virgo Eclipse
28th September Full Moon ( total eclipse / supermoon / blood moon eclipse ) in Aries Eclipse

Moon Dates October 2015

13th October New Moon in Libra
27th October Full Moon ( supermoon ) in Taurus

Moon Energy November 2015

12th November New Moon in Scorpio 19°

25th November Full Moon in Gemini 3°

Moon Energy December 2015

11th December New Moon in Sagittarius 19°

25th December Full Moon in Cancer 3°

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