Moon Phases 2019 Astrology And Spiritual Planner

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moon phases 2019 astrology

New And Full Moon Phases 2019 Astrology and spiritual meanings designed for use as a personal metaphysical planner/calendar. Full moons have a dedicated article each month, be sure to subscribe to the magazine for your moon phase reports.

Astrology 2019 Eclipses

January 6th 2019 ~ Solar Eclipse 15° in the star sign of Capricorn.

January 21st 2019 ~ Lunar Eclipse 0° in the star sign of Leo.

July 02nd 2019 ~ Solar Eclipse 10° in the star sign of Cancer.

Jul 16th 2019 ~ Lunar Eclipse 24° in the star sign of Capricorn.

December 26th 2019 ~ Solar Eclipse 4° in the star sign Capricorn.

Lucky In Enlightenment Moons 2019

Full Moon February 19th a powerful Supermoon brings luck, wisdom and knowledge.

Full Moon June 17th Strawberry Moon. Fortuitous for marriage love and romance.

Full Moon September 14th Harvest Moon. Fortuitous for soul mates and twin flames.

Full Moon December 12th. Augers the repair of relationships and renewed love.

Moon Phases 2019 Astrology

Moon Phases January 2019

New Moon / Solar Eclipse 6th January 2019 AEST 15° Capricorn.

Full Moon / Lunar Eclipse 21th January 2019. Sun in Aquarius opposite Moon in Leo 0 degrees.
Moon square Uranus. Mercury square Uranus. Quiet Moon. Time of the Cat.

Moon Phases February 2019

New Moon 4th February 2019. 15 degrees Aquarius.

Full Moon / Supermoon 19th February 2019 0 degrees Virgo.
Sun in Aquarius opposite Moon in Virgo. Moon of Ice. Time of the Snake.

Moon Phases March 2019

New Moon 6th of March 2019. 15° Pisces.

Full Moon / Supermoon 21st of March 2019. 0° Libra.
Sun in Aries opposite Moon in Libra. Moon of Winds. Time of the Fox.

Moon Phases April 2019

New Moon 5th of April 2019. 15° Aries.

Full Moon 19th of April 2019. 29º in the sign of Libra.
Sun in Aries opposite Moon in Libra. Growing Moon. Time of the Bull.

Moon Phases May 2019

New Moon 4th of May 2019. 14 degrees in the star sign Taurus.

Full Moon 18th of May 2019. 27 degrees Scorpio.
Sun in Taurus opposite Moon in Scorpio. Bright Moon. Time of the Seahorse.

Moon Phases June 2019

New Moon 3rd of June 2019. 12 degrees Gemini.

Full Moon 17th of June 2019 25 degrees Sagittarius.
Sun in Gemini opposite Moon in Sagittarius. Moon of Horses. Time of the bird.

Moon Phases July 2019

New Moon Solar Eclipse 2nd of July 2019. 10 degrees Cancer.

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse 16th of July 2019. 24 degrees Capricorn.
Sun in Cancer opposite Moon in Capricorn Moon of Calming. Time of the Horse.

Moon Phases August 2019

New Moon Supermoon 1st of August 2019. 8 degrees in the star sign Leo.

Full Moon 15th of August 2019. 22 degrees Aquarius.
Sun in Leo opposite Moon in Aquarius. Dispute Moon. Time of the Salmon.

New Moon Supermoon 30th of August 2019. 6 degrees Virgo.

Moon Phases September 2019

Full Moon 14th of September 2019. 21 degrees in the sign of Pisces.
Sun in Virgo opposite Moon in Pisces. Singing Moon. Time of the Swan.

New Moon Supermoon 28th of September 2019. 5 degrees Libra.

Moon Phases October 2019

Full Moon 13th of October 2019. 20 degrees in the sign of Aries.
Sun in Libra opposite Moon in Aries. Harvest Moon. Time of the Butterfly.

New Moon 28th of October 2019. 4 degrees in the sign of Scorpio.

Moon Phases November 2019

Full Moon 12th of November 2019. 19 degrees Taurus.
Sun in Scorpio opposite Moon in Taurus. Dark moon. Time of the Wolf.

New Moon 26th of November 2019. 4 degrees Sagittarius.

Moon Phases December 2019

Full Moon 12th of December 2019. 19 degrees Gemini.
Sun in Sagittarius opposite Moon in Gemini. Cold Moon. Time of the Falcon.

New Moon 26th of December 2019. 4 degrees in the star sign Capricorn.

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