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When Is Halloween?

Two spiritually insightful and rewarding moon rituals for Halloween /
Beltaine/Samhain. Encourage the witch or wizard inside of you.


When is Halloween 2017? Halloween is always celebrated on the 31st of October. Australians have had a long history in celebrating Halloween it is now becoming more popular than ever.

Halloween Ritual for prosperity

With Halloween around the corner and the Beltane celebrations – southern hemisphere, Samhain fire festival  – northern hemisphere, The October month packs some powerful psychic energy as the veil between the world’s lifts. The animal spirit bat resides over the month of October and Halloween.

The October month ritual focuses on manifestation, with a Halloween Ritual for prosperity. Prepare early in October with a conjuring time of 3 to 4 days before the completion of Halloween night on the 31st. Fill a cookie jar full of your favorite biscuits or candy, place a gold coin on the top of the candy pile and close the lid.

Clasp the jar with both hands saying out loud what you’re wanting to happen in the near future. Be careful not to disturb the coin too much, place the jar somewhere accessible so you don’t have to move it, to eat it or give the contents away to others this Halloween.

As you take pieces of candy the gold coin will eventually fall to the bottom of the jar, when it does imagine your manifestation again and put real power behind it by believing and visualizing it has happened already. Remember the sound the coin makes when it hits the bottom of the jar, this sound is the trigger, activating the wish. Play the sound back in your inner ears and remember your wishes.


The day after Halloween or when the jar is empty and not before bury the gold coin in the entrance of your property, about 30 cm deep, along with a handful of rice and a few flowers from your garden. This ritual grounds your manifestations and embeds them in the land for further thought to take place, conjuring stronger magic to set your manifestation in stone. 

Halloween Ritual October 31st

The Halloween ceremonial intentions this October lead towards creating harmony and balance, bringing in what is needed and excluding what is not. Halloween ritual tools include two bowls, two pieces of paper, a pen, fire from a candle, and a cup of water.

Write down on one piece of paper two things you want to bring in and around you.  Fold the piece of paper five times and place it at the bottom of your first bowl. On Halloween night light a red candle, repeat to yourself out loud the two things you wish to enter your life. Remove the message from the bowl hold it over the candle flame and burn it.

As you watch the smoke leave, be in the knowledge that the breeze of spirit lifts your message out to the universe, so it may come back to you fulfilled. Write down on the other piece of paper two things you’re having trouble with at the moment.

Place the message in the remaining bowl and cover it with a cup of water. Rest the bowl on a windowsill overnight, in the morning empty the water out, remove the message and place it in the bin. As you are doing this focus your thoughts on ridding yourself of the very things you wrote down. Many blessings © by psychic medium Ian Scott

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