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Mysterious Panther Of Australia

There is an urban myth in Australia about a large black cat ( Lithgow Panther )
appearing on highways in bush lands and then
mysteriously dis-appearing right before people’s eyes.

11.30 pm on a dark moon, George and Wendy Gordon’s house, outskirts of Lithgow New South Wales.

black panther
Panther Of Australia

Panther Of Australia

George; mm hot chocolate nothing better. I’ll just lock the windows love, and I’ll be up. Oh, I don’t think I turned the shower off properly Wendy could you check it. Wendy from the main bedroom; oh these ruddy curtains!

George; Oh dear Wendy, Wendy! come quick! Wendy; What’s wrong George what’s wrong ! George; Look Look out there near the willow trees in the shadows.

Wendy; Oh my god! quick lock the door shut that window, fast George. George; I’ll get the shot-gun! Wendy; Don’t you load it, George, God will save us before we have to resort to killing.

George whispers to himself,  running toward the gun cabinet in sheer panic. “Not sure God will have a gun better load it”

Wendy; Tommy what are you doing out of bed go back to your room hide under the bed quick! Tom; Why is daddy getting the gun, what’s happening mummy. George; That big cat is out there again I just cannot work out why the dogs don’t bark nor the horses stir, strange. Tom; Mummy do you think he will try to get in again. Wendy; I don’t know Tom go back to your room now!

Wendy; I’m going to ring the police I don’t care what they say, we need someone or something. George; Wendy tell them his eyes are still blue and to hurry up before they turn red. Tommy comes here keep an eye on this cat tell me if he starts to change.

George whispers to Wendy “ I’m terrified last time this thing grew wings and tore a piece out of our roof “. “ I think it was after our Tom, Wendy what would this cat want with our son “.

Wendy; I don’t know George, I don’t, should we make a run for the truck? To be continued… – © Ian Scott

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