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Negative Demon Positive Angel

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A metaphysical study of the angels and demons which live inside of us.
The spiritual duality of the realm of earth. Are you a positive angel? or a negative demon?

angel healing
Angel Healing

Allow happiness into your life, by being happy, it is a choice.

True happiness is found when you love yourself for who you are and all you may become. If you are unhappy look deep into the past, find what bothers you bring it to the surface, study it, understand it, find a way to heal it and then let it go, whatever it may be.

Hate loves to hate, negatively induced personal demons invite other demons to their party, positivity loves to be happy, negatives love to be negative they thrive on drama, chaos, hurt and aggression. It is entirely our choice to how we react to anything or anyone. If we consciously train ourselves to think only happy positive thoughts about any given situation that comes before us, we can only have positive outcomes in our life.

If you have been negative for some time you will have gathered negative people situations and experiences around you. Your body will be tired you will feel anger at others and yourself. Health will take a fall and you will become prone to sickness. Negativity and hate freezes all personal and spiritual development.

By choosing positivity you will lose all things negative in your life.  By choosing positivity love and happiness you open the soul to spiritual growth. We all have the angelic power inside of us to attain love and happiness. Angels love other angels they flock together work as a team and share the love of the universal life force manifesting a cosmic glue that joins us all in peace. © by psychic medium Ian ScottNature’s Oracle Cards