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Neptune And Whales

Neptune And It’s Influences

The planet Neptune is a mysterious blue ‘ice giant’ made up of gas, liquid and silicates. It is blue in color due to the methane in its atmosphere.  Periodic storms rage on the planet (eg. ‘Great Dark Spot’) where the fastest wind speeds in the solar system have been recorded, often topping supersonic speeds.

Although still a mystery, it is possible that Neptune contains vast oceans. In astrology, the planet Neptune rules the constellation Pisces, the sign of the zodiac which governs the oceans (on the physical plane) and the unconscious realm or the “ether” (on the metaphysical plane). Neptune rules liquids and gases, art and poetry, illusion and delusion, music and dreams, spirituality and all that is intangible.  It is the final cycle of the zodiac.  It is self-sacrifice… and it is the end.

Neptune And Whales

The recent alignment of the Earth with Neptune (The Planets Now 17th August 2012 thrive on news) coincided with a spike in oceanic activity here on Earth.  Reports of unusual ocean conditions, rare sightings of whales, whale ‘muggings’ and mass beaching’s were just some of the stories that made headlines:


20 August – Record Whale Sightings off Californian coast:  Dana Wharf Whale Watching has seen blue whales off the Dana Point coast for the last 46 days, a new record.  Before whaling was commercialized, blue whale numbers along the Pacific were estimated to be around 200,000. Today, the blue whale population around the world is estimated to be around 12,000. (

22 August – Whale of a tale: boatie rescues trapped whale: A boatie says he didn’t think twice before jumping into the ocean to free a whale caught in drum lines at North Stradbroke Island.  He waited half an hour before grabbing the kitchen knife and jumping in to the water to cut the whale free.  (ABC Online)

23 August – Influx of endangered whales drawn to California coast: There has been a sharp increase in the number of humpback and blue whales feeding off Monterey Bay south of San Francisco lured by a bumper harvest of krill.  Unusual ocean conditions have fueled an explosion of krill, shrimp-like creatures which the whales feed off  (The Telegraph 23/8/12)

Whales in Danger

Humpback whale lunges out of ocean at San Luis, California (21/8/12)

23 August – Stranded Whale dies: A young Humpback whale found stranded on a beach north of Coffs Harbour has died this afternoon.

24 August – Whale rescue team successfully free humpback whale trapped in fishing gear off Rottnest (Herald Sun)

27 August – Southern right whales spotted: Whale watching operators were excited over a rare sighting of a southern right whale and its calf on Sunday 26th. (Fraser Coast Chronicle)

29 August – Whales ‘mugging’ tourists in Hervey Bay: Humpback whales have been spending hours circling tourist boats on Queensland’s Fraser Coast in friendly encounters known as “muggings”.  Pacific Whale Foundation researcher Greg Kaufman says these ‘muggings’ are very unusual and have made whale watching in Hervey Bay legendary (

1st September – 22 whales stranded on Florida beach, only 5 saved: According to Allison Garrett, a spokeswoman for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s fisheries service said that it was unclear why the whales became stranded. “Pilot whales are very social animals,” she added. “One scenario could be one of the animals was sick. They won’t leave (a sick whale). They’ll stay together.” (Associated Press)

2nd September – 16 pilot whales die in mass stranding on Scotland coast: Sixteen pilot whales, including four calves, have died in a mass stranding on the coast of Fife in Scotland as rescuers fought a desperate battle to save others.

Beached Whales


Neptune’s Navy is the name that the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society uses to refer to the ships it operates.

31 August – Fugitive Sea Shepherd founder Paul Watson guns for Japan: For this year’s annual whale hunting season, fishermen be forewarned, fugitive Sea Shepherd founder, Paul Watson, has issued a statement that his group’s next campaign against Japan will make sure that not a single whale gets killed. This year’s operations is called – Operation Zero Tolerance. The Canadian activist has an Interpol arrest warrant out on him, which was issued when he skipped bail in Germany. Although commercial whaling is banned, Japan uses a loophole in the name of scientific research to capture and kill the whales. (The Japan Daily Press)

Sea Shepard

Skull and bones


29 August – Brother of Whale Wars star loses fight with cancer: The brother of Sea Shepherd Conservation Society founder and Whale Wars star Paul Watson has died after battling Stage 4 cancer for the past several months.

Sea Shepard


“…The gentlest of all the children and also the most talented. His art was original, unique, vibrant, intuitively connected to the reality of our planet and the contradictions of humanity relative to the promise and the beauty of this ocean world we are blessed to be a part of.

The grandson of a great Danish Canadian artist Otto Larsen Sumner, he alone of all of us inherited the extraordinary ability to splash his visions upon canvas and as an artist he was never interested in commercializing his creations. He made them available to average people and he donated them to charitable organizations including quite a few for Sea Shepherd fundraising events…”
Paul Watson (31st August 2012)

Stephen painted with acrylic, watercolour and ink:

Whales Oil Paninting

30 August – Boy finds rare whale excrement on beach:  An eight-year-old boy has recently discovered a rare piece of whale excrement on a Dorset beach in England which could be worth up to $65,000. Known as ‘ambergris‘ it is sought after because of its rarity and can float on the ocean for years before washing ashore. (BBC News Dorset)


Charlie Naysmith was walking along the beach when he found what he thought was a rock.  It ended up being a large piece of ambergris, a rare and valuable substance excreted by squid eating whales and used in perfume.

According to scientists, when sperm whales dine on squid, they protect themselves by secreting a fatty substance in their intestines to surround the squid’s beaks. Eventually whales excrete these large lumps of ambergris, up to hundreds of pounds at a time.

The value of ambergris lies in its role in the fragrance industry. High-end perfumes from houses such as Chanel take advantage of the ability of ambergris to fix scent to human skin.

Charlie wants to set up a nature reserve if he sells the piece.  It seems that young Charlie Naysmith is indeed a worthy recipient for such a wonderful gift from the ocean.

Crystal Gaze


24th August – JPMorgan “London Whale” hires lawyer in France: The trader at the centre of the criminal investigation surrounding JPMorgan‘s $5.8 billion trading loss has hired a lawyer in Paris, according to two sources familiar with the investigation. (Reuters)

The London Whale
Bruno Iskil

Trader Bruno Iksil, a French citizen and a former London-based trader in JPMorgan Chase & Co’s Chief Investment office (CIO), is under scrutiny for a series of derivative transactions involving credit default swaps (CDS) which were entered into, reportedly as part of the bank’s “hedging” strategy.

Iksil was part of a team based in JP Morgan‘s London head office, which was supposed to hedge – or insure – the risks the bank was running.  The biggest was credit risk, essentially the chance of customers failing to pay their bills – and the bank had a new strategy to hedge this risk (The Guardian).

Iksil was one of a number of traders involved in this, but the size of his trade in credit default swaps attracted the attention of his rivals – hence his nickname the “London Whale“. In 2011 he bet approximately $1 billion that some companies would default.  His bet paid off and he earned JP Morgan a windfall of $450 million.

He was so powerful and so bullish in early 2012 that his trades alone may have moved the index, according to New York magazine.
According to Iksil’s profile on the Bloomberg trading platform, he says he is “walking over water and humble”.

JP Morgan usually makes $5 billion profits per quarter and it is understood that the bank should recover the lost ground…

Bruno Iksil =  Burn & kills

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