New Moon August Romance

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New Moon Meaning August

New Moon August Romance 2015 Astrology

The new moon on August the 15th AEST falls in the zodiac sign of leo. The planet Venus is in alignment with the August new moon bringing soft, subtle tones of affection and love. On the 19 th of August Venus shows herself again as the morning star rises in the east.

Venus is retrograde during the new moon adding a nostalgic memorable energy to the culmination of events during the August new moon. With the energy of Leo and Venus in your corner this month strength is found to take a little risk and pursue those relationships and friendships before their lost behind the sun with venus.

New Moon August Spiritual Meaning

Their has been some challenges this year with the new moons this August new moon has a refreshing brand new feel to it. The time is right to set new goals plan future events and be proud of your new found zest for life. This August new moon directs our ascension energy received on the blue moon to areas we need it, health, emotions, spirituality. This is now a time of adjusting to that new found energy. Similar to a butterfly emerging from her cocoon ready to bring magic and life to all she touches.

If this month you’re experiencing a down time or feeling irritable after the blue moon, take time to meditate your tensions away. This feeling takes place if you’re not going with the flow of the universe. Calm the self take deep breathes and enjoy this new moons ability to clear away old problems for which previously you may not have had an answer for.

New Moon Ritual August 2015

This August new moon ritual place three red candles in a triangular shape on a red cloth lay three white and pink flowers in the middle of the triangle of candles. On the night of the August new moon light the candles, close your eyes and inhale the passion and healing from the new moons light.

Sit and meditate on what it is you’re wanting when it comes to love and romance. It may be to bring in a partner or make a good relationship better or even to heal current ones. Send these thoughs out to the universe allowing the new moon to shift the energies in that direction. Great preparation for the up and coming super moon in August.Many blessings © psychic medium Ian Scott


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