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New Moon December 2015 Emergence

New Moon December 2015
New Moon December Astrology   “Emergence”

New Moon December 2015 Astrology Meaning

Moon Energy for the 11th December 2015,  New Moon in Sagittarius 19°, In some ways a challenging new moon; a time to test your strength of character and moral standing. A strong influence this December new moon is Uranus square Pluto adding a intense energy to spiritually grow or be left behind.

Mars opposite Uranus, allows us to finally solve and put an end to personal worries and ailments which may have been going on for some time. Although a hardship of some kind is brought forward to make us see there is a need for change. Regular routines are interrupted over the December new moon allowing a shift of energies around change. A big part of being able to move forward after an ordeal or major shift in one’s life is accepting change. The acceptance of change breathes new life into your thoughts, which ultimately create the future.

Without change there is no forward movement, we stagnate, pooling in emotional waters. Change is not something to fear it is our saviour, embrace change with open arms and watch your life take on the experiences you wish for.

New Moon December Spiritual Meaning

The December new moon energy shifts filter out the “I’m just trying” team from the “I’m going to succeed” team. Now is the time to put your best foot forward and tackle those unfinished tasks, among them, is a talent you could prosper from but have forgotten about. This month’s moon energy asks us to step out of comfort zone and go for that dream we never thought we could achieve.

This particular new moon marks the emergence, a time when lightworkers place themselves front and centre for all to see. Watch over the new moon for good deeds from people in power and wealth spreading generosity, love and light, all in the name of making earth a better place.  © by psychic medium Ian Scott.