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New Moon July 2015

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Dark Moon July 2015


New Moon Astrology Meaning July 16th 2015 AEST

This July New Moon is in Cancer, conjunct Mars, Mercury and Sun and in opposition to Pluto. In short, this all makes for an extremely intense and emotional Dark Moon. You could tend to have little objectivity during this transit and will have to pay attention to your listening and empathy skills. Everybody will be feeling a little frazzled and over sensitive so use your heightened awareness to feel into what others, especially family, are going through.

The new moon also forms a square with Uranus causing impatience and irritability making compromise even more important at this time. You will be craving excitement, change and want to be spontaneous and emotionally free. With Pluto opposite this cluster things will feel so urgent and compelling that you may not be as rational as usual.

New Moon July 2015 Ritual

In your Dark Moon Ritual call upon the Gods of the Underworld to assist you with any upheavals and purging, to help break damaging ties, release the past and begin anew. Light a black candle and create an image or a Sigel that represents your immediate issue and burn it in the flame. © by astrologer Jyoti Eagles