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New Moon November 2015 New Chapter

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New Moon November 2015 (Photo credit Daichi Sakamoto)

New Moon November Astrology Meaning

New moon in Scorpio 19° Thursday the 12th of November 2015 AEST.

This months new moon has a fortuitous abundant energy with vibrant tones from the lucky planet Jupiter. In alignment with the waxing new moon is the fixed star Zubeneschamali (claw of the Scorpion) the psychic one, both of these aspects fall in the Libra constellation. Adding balance to our wealth and prosperity sectors, for the next 28-day cycle of the new moons influence.

Mercury sextile Jupiter adds a beautiful encouraging energy, highlighting communication, coöperation and adds a zest to our social outings. A good time to woo that someone special. Although be careful Uranus is mixing with the new moon, if your intentions are not good you will be found out as this new moon has a powerful psychic aspect. On November the 11 th of the 11 th we experience an energy shift, ushering in influences from other worlds via the Taurids meteor system. This energy has the message “take clear direct action”.

New Moon November Spiritual Meaning

With favourable spiritual aspects, this November new moon gives us the opportunity to walk our inner path, getting in touch with who we really are and want to be. The balancing aspects, the law of action and reaction of the new moon will work away at our sense of knowing thy self. An internal cleanse of the closet brushing off old limitations allowing for new experiences.

A balance of the left and right brain, both analytical, creative, mathematical and poetic, intellectual and dream state come into play this new moon a unique opportunity to balance one’s whole body, mind and spirit. Our meditations and visualizations will take on a new state of awareness and quality, igniting the flame within.

Act as the gentle warming sun this November new moon, extend your nourishment and life-giving energy to those around you healing with warmth, love and compassion. This energy shift is soft and beautiful and a time to provoke peace, love and harmony. Spreading the warmth and compassion will have powerful influences on our personal karma and the energy of the planet.

The November new moon triggers a call for us to deeply investigate the meaning of profit and gain in our lives. Delving into the inner self and asking the question is its wealth and possessions we need for our well-being or self-rule and growth of the will. Be observant and mindful, examine things around you from the perspective of a hawk, seduce the future by knowing how it gets to you. © by psychic medium Ian Scott.


  1. passionfortruths says:

    Nice reading! Thanks. In numerology, the 11th month means illumination/enlightenment.. ;-)