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New Moon October 2015 Catalyst

new moon meaning october 2015
New Moon Meanings October 2015

New Moon October 2015  Astrology

The new moon on October the 13th 2015  arrives at 11.05 am AEST and falls in the zodiac sign of Libra 19-20º. The Libra new moon is a fortunate one, it marks the month of the yang fire dog and the settling of energy shifts in 2015 after a series of powerful supermoons and eclipses. The justice bringing scales this October new moon, ignite our passions for loyalty, truth and honesty on a global scale as we are all witness to and a part of the same moonlight Expect this change to occur in all areas of life, business, family, friends and lovers. Be prepared to hear some home truths this new moon. Mercury is starting to move forward now, time to clear up misunderstandings.

The sun is opposite Uranus this new moon phase, deception of any kind will no longer be tolerated, not within ourselves nor to others. A shedding of light into those areas we keep most hidden will show our true selves to the world. A time when relationships are tested for trust and compassion. This new moon energy shift may cause some younger souls to react with childish behaviour.

Libra’s sacred animal is the butterfly and adds to the transformational energy shift to this October’s new moon. The perfect time to hatch new ideas, start a business or create new relationships with the self and others. A new moon in Libra is fortuitous for building the energy for great foundations to which to start any new endeavour, on the right and just foot.

A freshness of old things feeling new again appear in our aura energy this October new moon and carries forth into the new year. A greater sense of nostalgia coupled with a warm rug of contention reaches us through the mist of finding love for ourselves and our oldest loved ones. A time to reflect upon the actions you must take to bring about the progression in your life you’re wanting.