New Moon February 2015 – Super Moon

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February 19th AEST 2015 in Aquarius.

New Super Moon Feb 2015

February Super New Moon

This month the Dark Moon happens to be a Perigree moon or Supermoon. It is in Aquarius and opposite Jupiter. This is certainly a great time to put on your ritual cloak and don your meditation caps and bring in some of the luck and positivity that this aspect offers.

Jupiter always makes things look larger than life. It is also said to be the planet of good fortune. It could have the effect of exaggerating your emotions, which is what makes it a perfect moon for ritual and manifestation as our intentions are carried on the waves of our emotions. (E-Motion = Energy in Motion).

It forms a soft aspect to Uranus (in Aries) bringing the spontaneity and the freedom to express yourself in an unexpected way. Under this influence you will have a knack of bringing new ideas and plans into fruition with less difficulty than usual. You will feel positive, enthusiastic and have the ability to attract helpful situations and opportunities your way.

Why not plan a group gathering to send some of this humanitarian energy to the planet and those who are needing our spiritual support. © Jyoti Eagles

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